There are times when I wish I could live in two places at one time. Or – work on two projects at the same time. Or – clean the house and read a book at the same time. Does someone own a transporter or a robot?

As it is, a lot of the time, I wonder where the day goes. I am busy. I don’t sit on my duff, eating bon-bons and reading a book all day. Hmmm – but now that I think about it, that does sound like an awesome way to spend a day.

This was just one of those days were I can’t point at anything and say, There, that’s done.” Instead, there are still a million things I want to accomplish for the holidays, such as…decide how to decorate this quirky new home, write an early Christmas letter to let everyone know our new address, work on Christmas stockings for the NC crew, and figure out what special thing I can do for the MI, OH and NY crews.

Instead, as I watch the candles come on tonight and the clouds move in to obscure the maybe-once-in-a-lifetime super moon…again, I look around my home, and all I see is just a little work here – a little there, and whoa – how am I going to get all of this done?

“And when we do what is good, let it not be tedious to us, for there shall be a time when we reap, and that will not be tedious to us.”~Gal 6:9

This verse sang inside me tonight as I was wimping out and whining to myself. God seems to like to stick it to me when I want to go in the corner and just sleep away all the things that are in front of me. On top of that, He planted today’s Ration in this book way back in 1942 for me to read tonight.

Good one, Father. Got the hint. Going to pray for the church, our country, our leaders, my prayer list and get busy again. Who can argue with a Father, Son and Holy Spirit who laugh and sing as they scoop you out of the corner and help you organize yourself enough to start again.

I got this- – -better yet- – -Jehovah-Saboath has got me.

1942 Daily Ration: ” ‘Lord, make me to know mine end.’~Ps 39:4

Read: Psalm 40:7-17

“A worthy finish is better tan a good beginning. The prizes of life are never bestowed on those who make a good start, but on those who win in the finals.

“Some people make a brilliant showing in the early stage of a contest Everything seems in their favor, and they are far ahead of other competitors. But they are unequal to long, sustained effort, and they grow disinterested, lose sight of their goal, and begin to lag. Others get a bad start and labor under terrific handicaps, but by persistent effort, by seizing every advantage and never losing sight of the goal, they finish triumphantly.

“Some grow weary in well-doing early in life; others quit after long and arduous struggle; many a worthy life goes down to defeat in the last stage of the struggle.

“Not how we begin, but how we end, counts. The crown of life is promised only to those that are faithful unto death.

“Prayer: Save us, dear Father, from an ignoble end. Save us from the fate of having years of commendable living spoiled through final surrender to weariness, discouragement, or growing indifference. Grant us strength to maintain our high standards right up to the end of the struggle. In Christ’s name. Amen.” [google images]


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