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RATIONS 100 DAYS! #100

August 8th seems like a way long time ago.  Seasons changed. The hubby had a birthday. The daughters had wedding anniversaries. A President was chosen. A super-duper moon rose and set. A 100 Day prayer journey is complete.

Reading these 1942 Daily Rations gave me an insight into the world my parents occupied. It reminded me there was a formality that we rarely see or hear any more. It taught me that Jehovah-Nissi’s words carry eternity in their syllables and  if the reader’s eye are open – wisdom in the nuance.
This journey began as a spur-of-the-moment thought – a God-wink moment as I like to refer to them. And here’s the next quinky-dink-God-wink – it is 12 days till Advent. Now I believe that means – I will either get 12 days of rest – kick back – read a book or two – eat bon-bons, or my Abba is about to open up a door to some new library of wisdom that He wants me to find.
In any case, I’ve tucked Rations 100 Days into its new home. I’ve written the wisdom that I found into my heart, and for now – I’m waiting. A little nervous. A little excited. A whole lot blessed.
1942 Daily Rations: ” ‘Behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots.’~II Kings 6:17
“Read: II Kings 6:8-17
“The prophet’s servant could not see the horses and chariots. He saw only the hosts of Syria and was frightened. But Eisha saw the host in the sky. Every religious man sees such things all the while. The skies are full of waiting reinforcements. Spiritual reserves are ready to hand to supplement his inadequate powers. It is the heart of our belief in God. There is an invisible Ally on the field of battle. There is a spirit of good will in the natural and moral forces of the universe. ‘Most men,’ writes Sir Francis Younghusband, ‘ and particularly men of action, are deeply conscious of the presence of some Unseen Force at work in the world, and what they have felt has filled them with a conviction that the power makes for righteousness.’ Such a conviction makes one feel equal to anything that may happen to him.

“Prayer: O God, who are strength of soul to those who trust in thee, defend us, thy humble servants, in all assaults of our enemies, that we surely trusting in thy willing might may not fear the power of any adversary but rejoice in the hope of victory through thine aid. Amen.”