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Advent #3/7: The Rescue Plan

Yea – I survived another year of the stepladder decorating. As you age, sometimes the things you did so easily in years past, takes a little more fore thought. “If I step this way, I don’t have to bend my knee tight, and I can hold on to that – just in case – the ol’ knees starts to buckle…” Those internal dialogues are really a God gift – to those of us who don’t want to say, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

“The LORD is faithful in ALL His promises…”~Ps 145:13b
A few ornaments need to be hung here and there, a dozen pine/ivy/yew boughs cut off our trees to drape on the deck, and I can get busy on cards and stockings and presents and baking and singing and …
I think I may need to have a Rescue Plan after all – – – in fact, I know I do.
Today was a day of observing Rescue Plans that are in progress around our country. Rescue plans implemented in Columbus, OH, at my Alma Mater, The Ohio State University. I felt blessed that my family, former students and friends had policemen close by who knew the Rescue Plan. I’m happy for those in TN and NC whose Rescue Plans put fireman, EMT’s, and policemen on the front lines even as wild fires raced towards their own homes and businesses. I continue to circle prayers for all of those people who are homeless and jobless as we head into the coldest times of the year.
It is good that humanity has Rescue Plans in place. It is awesome that God has an even better Rescue Plan. It is what we celebrate this month.
In the beginning, when it was clear to humans and to the rest of creation that mankind had just a little trouble resisting temptation, Jehovah-Rohi shepherded in His Rescue Plan.
A Rescue Plan physically born of a scared young woman in the corner of a stable stall surrounded by animals, dirt, and smelly remnants – her tear-streaked face betraying a myriad of emotions.
A Rescue Plan that included a man with skilled, scarred hands – hands that began to shake as he held a new born son for the first time.
A Rescue Plan that reached out to the poorest shepherds, the richest sages, the harlot, the murdering thief, the Jews, the Gentiles, and everyone who would dare to believe the birth of one tiny baby boy was a Rescue Plan.
A Rescue Plan that began with the advent of a baby, who would sacrifice everything to conquer death and usher in a later advent where every knee will bow and the Rescue Plan will be complete as we see our Abba face-to-face once more. [google images]