Daily Archives: December 25, 2016


We have COME to the night I love most out of the whole year. A night where Expectations…Traditions…Sacred dreams…Peace to all of good will…Family and friends…Love…all wrapped together to form the perfect present to a world so desperate and needy.

COME to a crowded town where weary travelers grab whatever shelter they can afford or find. COME to a stable filled with ordinary animals – doing ordinary things. COME to a hillside where some shepherds had their spiritual eyes and ears open enough to receive a message in the dark of night. COME and hear the cry of a newborn infant lying in a manger.

COME and see the first gift of Christmas.

Christmas stockings finished and hung from their pegs. Polar Express and cuddles from the Grands before bedtime and Santa. Hugs from the daughters – one who journeyed all day to find her place in our arms – and one who shares her life with me on a daily basis. Communion meals of family and songs of praise in my heart. Quiet devotions and listening to one song in particular.


COME. OH COME. Adore the infant face that showed us the face of His Father. COME. Bend the arthritic, broken knees and dance as Amahl did with the Night Visitors. COME – not just to the church for beautiful songs and holy rituals – but COME to the star light of the child who still is being born in HOPE, JOY, PEACE and LOVE. COME, ye nations till everyone hears and praises His holy name forever.



A BLESSED CHRIST-MASS TO ALL and to all a good night.