Daily Archives: January 26, 2017


It’s my mom and dad’s fault. Really. Long ago, when I was this tiny thing, they would sing me this one special song. Maybe they would bounce me on their knees to make me laugh, or tuck me into bed after prayers had been said, and it would be this song – along with one more – that they would sing…“I love you – a bushel and a peck…”

Traditions start in funny ways sometimes.

When mom became a grandma she kept singing it. When I became a mom, I kept singing it. When I became a Grandma – well – you know.

Today, my Granddaughter sang me her new version as she grabbed both of my hands and danced me in circles.

“God loves you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a kiss on the cheek.”

How is it that God answers prayers in such an incredible way?

Needless to say, Grandma gulped a couple of times, and we danced some more. A bunch of hugs later with the Grandson chasing the car all the way up the drive, Grandma got the chance to wipe the tears from her eyes.

“Shout with joy to the LORD, all the earth!
Worship the LORD with gladness.
Come before him, singing with joy.”

Every morning as I enter my war room, I look for this Psalm. It starts my day, energizes me with thankfulness and lifts my eyes up. Lately, I’ve needed that thankfulness to look past the ugliness that seems to be multiplying faster than I’ve ever noticed. Reminding myself who carved our names in the palm of His hand is exactly what I need..

“Acknowledge that the LORD is God!
He made us, and we are His
We are His people, the sheep of His pasture.”

Tonight as I closed the windows, I noticed the evening star. It’s brightness draws me outside to the back deck. The dogs follow sniffing and enjoying a little more of the day’s warmth. Eventually, we meander to the hot tub where I can stretch my achy joints in warmth and look up in comfort and prayer. The dogs bring their beloved ball.

“For the LORD is good.
His unfailing love continues forever,
and His faithfulness continues to each generation.”~Ps 100

Truly, it has been a blessedday. I don’t understand all that shakes the world in these times, and I don’t have to know. I just need to stretch out under the stars and remember that “…the LORD is good…” The Shepherd still watches. The Father knows what I don’t. “…His faithfulness continues to each generation.”

“God loves me, a bushel and a peck…” My Granddaughter informed me she is producing a karaoke concert in February, and I’m invited. Whoot!Whoot! I can’t imagine missing it for all the tea in China. Life as a Grandma just ain’t bad. Really. [google images]