The moon is up in our neck of the woods and it is full and beautiful tonight. The hubby and I were sitting outside for awhile (until the CAVS game on) as it was rising. The dogs and I took one last walk around the gardens in the twilight before we came in. Now I can see all my friends’ pictures of the full moon from different states as I sit in my easy chair.

In the Jewish calendar this full moon sheds its light on the beginning of Passover. It is a festival that celebrated the days that changed the world of the Jewish people. Changed it from a world full of chains, brutality and oppression and spun it around into a world of choices, courage and freedom.

Sometimes, I wish I was a mouse on the floor of history and could listen and watch the dynamics of historical events. Can you imagine the ancient conversations that were taking place during this week? The rumors – the rumblings – the hushed meetings as they gathered to listen – to learn – to seek wisdom in what was happening.

We tend to take for granted – as we do all historical things – the facts – without remembering the emotional undercurrents. Just like today, there must have been dissension – fear – broken families – friendships burning out as people made their choices. Follow Moses? Trust Pharaoh? G-d really in this? The evil one?

They probably all painted their doorways with the blood of a lamb. That was an easy choice and why not? Better safe than sorry. Maybe it would make the family feel better. The familiar was still there. A swatch on the left. A swatch on the header. A swatch on the right. A triangle pointing towards heaven. A whispered prayer beseeching the protection of G-d. A hope to see the dawn of a new day. A wish for easy answers. A path cut through the stormy waters to a Promised Land.

We tend to think that all the Jewish people painted their doors and gleefully followed Moses out of Egypt. After all, who doesn’t want to be free? The truth falls a little short of that Charleston Heston movie with the multitude moving towards the sea. According to Jewish Sages – the number was more like a fifth of the Ivrim, the Jewish people.

Walking away from the security of all they had known was too scary for some – just like it would be for some of us. After all, there is security in the chains of the familiar. Chains that often keeps us in a job we hate…an abusive relationship…a habit that feeds some sense of being that we think we need more than we need change.

But this is also the first day of Holy Week for Christians. It is the celebration of another Passover that set the Ivrim world on its ear. (Again, being a mouse is appealing to my curious nature.) However, I know deep within me that it was also a Passover full of dissension, fear, broken families, burned friendships. Follow Jesus? Trust Caiaphas? Is G-d really in this? The evil one?

It was not easy. Even the disciples fell away – except for one, his mother and a few others who stood at the foot of the cross. Freedom is never easy. Again, the number of Ivrim that chose to follow was just a small percentage of the nation. Who knew that these few people would change the world forever. A Passover that would change the essence of the festival to its core.

A human lamb who shed His blood in the shape of another triangle painted on wood – an inverted triangle. A left hand. A right hand. His feet. A triangle pointing down from heaven. G-d once more sending an answer to His children – an answer of a Father’s Love – a Father’s Love strong enough to break the chains forever and cut a path through the stormy waters of sin to a Promise Land beyond compare.

It is interesting to note, that when you put these triangles together -one on top of another – they form the Star of David. The symbol that flies in Jerusalem on this first night of Passover and this first night of Holy Week. Two Passovers that changed the Ivrim world and the world around it. Freedom from chain of all kinds. Freedom to remember. Freedom to chose His path or stay in our comfy chains. Freedom to humble ourselves, fall on our knees, and give thanks to the One who gave His all for us – the gift of grace and love.

“For God loved the world in this way: so much that he would give up his Son, The Only One, so that everyone who trusts in him shall not be lost, but he shall have eternal life.”~Jn 3:16   [google images]


5 responses to “TWO PASSOVERS

  1. You mention it would be holy week for Christians … but that would only be so for the false Christians or those who do not follow the teachings of Jeshua but made that Lamb of God (you are speaking of) as their own god. The real Christians are those who follow the Nazarene Jewish rebbe Jeshua who worship the Only One true God of Israel and not himself or a two or threeheaded god. Those real Christians also would keep the Passover and shall remember 14 Nisan as the day the rebbe came together to celebrate Passover, but also to let his apostle know about the new lamb being slaughtered (Jeshua himself who gave himself for the sins of all people).

    • I’m not sure I would call them “false Christians” as much as I would refer to them as “unintentionally blinded”. Over the centuries -whether intentional or not – the Gentiles lost “sight” of that Jewish branch to which we were grafted – – oblivious to the ultimate fact that Yeshua was a observant Jew who adhered to the law of the Torah and knowledgeable of oral traditions as well. If G-d hadn’t started me on this journey a few years back, I would still be one of those who completely followed “church” dogma without question, never realizing the extent and the depth to which G-d went to bring both branches to Him through His love. It is this dawning realization that keeps pulling me forward and trying to share what I’ve learned with those who have no idea but still – totally – love and serve Christ. Whether one refers to G-d as the Trinity or sees them as parts of the whole is still way over my head. Not knowing the mind of G-d. I can’t call them “false”, for having been blind since birth, how does one understand water? I have a feeling that as the Bridegroom approaches, eyes will be opened, ears un-stopped, and the Holy Breath of G-d will rush through these portals to bring oil to the lamps of the Bride. What I do know – – I am on a journey to learn what I can, to share it with others and that I am His – Ani Lo.

      • BTW – thank you so much for the comment. As always – G-d makes me think a little more when someone responds. Blessings!Be!

      • I wish you a lot of luck and courage with your journey and hope you shall come to find the Path Jeshua, as the Way to God, has laid out for man, to come to worship only One Singular True God.

        With patience and a lot of Bible study, with the willingness to hear the Words of God, one day you might come there where the Most High Elohim wants you to be.

  2. Thank you. As on earth as it is in Heaven.

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