For most of my life, I have struggled with learning the Beatitudes. Seriously! As a 10 year old, I remember lying under the canopy of my dream bed, memorizing them for the first time. For some reason beyond my memory file folders, I had decided to add them to my nightly bedtime litany of prayers while Mom braided my hair.

Lord’s Prayer. 23 Third Psalm. Prayers for family. Now-I-lay-me down-to-sleep-amen-prayers.

I have memorized poems, multiple lines in multiple plays, songs, other Bible verses and quotes by the hundreds. But for whatever reason – the Beatitudes seem to have an attitude about sticking around and hanging out with me. They stick in my head for a mirco-second, only to evaporate as quickly as a shallow puddle on a hot, sunny sidewalk.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit…”

Believe me, I have felt “poor in spirit” when it comes to these 8 verses. What was it? Was it me? Was there a message buried in this? When I first retired to NC, I thought, “Okay, I’ve got time to do this now.” I wrote them – memorized them – pooofffff!!! It was so frustrating. I needed to figure this out, and I needed help.

“…for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”~Matt 5:3

Often answer-to-prayer-blessings have a way or manner of showing up when you least expect them. Earlier this summer, when a local minister began a series on the Beatitudes in his weekly newspaper column, I thought, “Cool. 8 Beatitudes – 8 weeks study. This time, I can get a handle on them.”

“Blessed are the humble, the broken. the servant, the lost…”Rev. Stephen Crotts.

Green pen.

Note cards.

And – after prayers have been said, I repeat them all and hop into bed.

Once again, I think I have them in my head. It is too soon to tell if they will stick around for the long run or pull another attitude and head for the hills. However, I think Our Father is not leaving anything to chance this time. After all when He answers faith prayers, He usually blesses them beyond compare. With that in mind, guess what my church minister is doing his new series on? You got it – “The Attitude of Blessing”.

Okay then – – –


8 Beatitudes – 8 weeks.

Green pen in hand.

Note cards.

And – after prayers have been said, I repeat them all and hop into bed.

God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.  [google image]



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