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Well – after a long week of sinus infection, plans disrupted and sleeping away the most perfect days of the whole spring while wrapped in a winter blanket – I gave in and called the doctor to get meds. Unbelievably, I’m still awake at 9 P.M. for the first time since Monday.

Errrr…I get so mad at myself when I think if I go one more day – – – I will beat a fever back into the netherlands from which it came.

“Everything is permissible for me,” but not everything is beneficial.”~Cor 6:12a

Praising GOD when you can barely keep your eyes open, shaking in 70 degree weather despite wearing two sweatshirts and a blanket, while dealing with a head that feels like it is about to implode or explode (take your pick) is not beneficial, YET – where there is turmoil, there are many blessings as well. Ask Job. You just have to work a little to see them.

“Whether you eat therefore or drink, or if you do anything, you shall do everything for the glory of God.”~1 Cor 10:31

So now that I am trying to catch up on some probiotic eating to counter the meds and tolerate food again, I actually had time to just sit on the chaise lounge that my parents had long ago, read a book that my kidlets sent me for Mother’s Day and enjoy just being still. 
No words. 
No music. 
Just long communion with the One who knows and loves me best and a small sparrow nesting in a planter over my head.

And just like 50+ years ago when I stretched out on this same chaise lounge under the skies He had created in a yard of my memory, I fell asleep. 
Kitty curled beside me. 
Book spread open where it had fallen on my chest. 
The labs keeping watch over their flocks. 
The words of My LORD coloring the last fragments of an intangible dream and echoing in my head as I returned to world.

“Come after me…for I make all things new, Brynie.” [2 Pt/Rev]

I am still His child –

And the next time –

Will someone please remind me to go to the doctor as soon as this craziness starts? 

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