2020 VISION: Short, Sweet #10

“E Pluribus Unum”

Today, this caught my attention.  It was on a tee-shirt when I was at the gym.  The whispery words echoed it in my head. I hadn’t seen this phrase on a shirt for a long time.   

One out of many, One

One of my former students from OH reminded me today was Constitution Day.  When I was teaching English, we would spend the day reading the parts of the Constitution or things that the Founders wrote regarding the constitution.  We would write reflections based on what we learned about the constitution – on its ideals – on question it raised in our minds – on changes we might like to see.  A mixture of Socratic learning and echoing prayers that I always circled before they arrived.

Annuit Coepis

Today I forgot it was Constitution Day.  Instead, I was teaching High Holy Days and how Jesus celebrated these days when He was walking amongst us.  As always, prayers circled my classroom today.  Prayers for my students and our discussion.  Prayers for my former students and our discussions then. Prayers that our country and people need to remember.

Providence Has Favored Our Undertakings.”

Prayers lead to communication with our Providence.  Providence was a common word in the 1770’s for GOD.  Read any of the Founder’s writings. The unfinished triangle.  The eye in the clouds with 13 stars.  The banner in the eagle’s beak.

I saw these words on a tee-shirt. In the gym. On Constitution Day. On a day leading up to Rosh Hashanah – the days of repentance before Yom Kippur. My prayers had already started.  That is what these 14 days are about.  Prayers for our country. Prayers for all the people that live here and love the ideals that lead to the establishment of a new country.


“The Beginning of the new American Era…”

Now more than ever, we need to remember the ideal. Imprint the seal once again upon our hearts.  Pray that we can look to Providence once again to renew a covenant that has been broken by our own choices.  Making a choice.  A choice to humble ourselves and seek His face just as they did long ago.

[google images]

preliminary drawing of seal and final seal

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