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Because of Christmas #4 – Up-ending

Nothing can up-end your day like being up-ended from tripping over the wheel of a Grand’s bike. You know – you’re moving the bike and the wheel that you thought was going straight somehow hits a stone and jerks a different way – right as you are stepping forward. Suffice it to say, sharp, pointy, rather-large limestoney gravel is not the most pleasant landing for a knee and a couple hands that bore the brunt of that ‘oh-my-gosh-London Bridge-is-falling-down’ moment.
Worse – Hubby is pulling in the drive with his motorcycle. (How do I spell ’embarrassed’?)
It is bad enough to be clumsy and alone – quite another to be clumsy in front of someone. Of course – old knees do not bed easily, and they were yelling, rather obscenely by this point, and the mind was quickly taking inventory and telling everyone to “shut-up”. Even with Hubby trying his hardest to help me up, the mind was informing the various parts involved that while they were all viable, they need to proceed with caution. One soft mat for the knees later, I was able to shut up and over-rule the internal debate among the body parts and stand up-right once again.
Good news – nothing broke and merely a skinned knee to show for it – even my hands are fine. Sure, the knees are a little whiny, but some things just don’t take to aging the way I do. So I pamper them with ice and act like I care ,so they will mellow out a little. Hopefully by tomorrow, we will be back to the normal complaints.
“When everything shakes, God remains unshaken”~Max Lucado (p44)
It is funny how when the world shakes, time becomes non-existent and that inner peace takes over. I’m not sure how it works, but with me – it always does. It is as if a part of me knows that God is consistent and -no matter what happens – ‘all is well with my soul’.
“The LORD is in His holy temple. The LORD is on His throne in Heaven.”~Ps 11:4
Tonight, i got to hear one of my Grands sing her first duet with a youth choir. I know her voice well, and it was as if she were singing a solo for me. I got to hear her twice since she sang it during warm-ups and then sang it in the concert. Both times, I swear I could hear Mama Mick’s voice in my ear, “Isn’t that something, Mike? That’s our great-granddaughter,” as their laughter blended with the notes around me..
Today my world was shaken a tiny bit, but Adonai remained firmly on his throne. He didn’t move as I up-ended in our driveway, or that the high 60’s of this morning dropped to the 50’s, or that a bicycle tire turned one way and I turned another. A Father who chose to be born as a tiny infant in a stable so that I could see His face, still chooses to be with me on a late fall day in NC even as I hit the dirt.
God is good – all the time. It is Because of Christmas, that up-endings become right-endings, and I am so thankful and blessed to be His child. [google images]


“Having served…”

It is the 15th anniversary of 9 11. Mixed in with the sorrowful echoes of that day are the proud memories of those who served. The tree of knowledge of good and evil still exists, and people still make choices.

David chose to serve. 1st responders choose to serve. Military personnel choose to serve. Most pastors choose to serve. Jesus serves. People who put their lives on the line choose to serve others. (I can’t put politicians in this group even though they love to claim the servant title – sorry)

The author of this Ration acknowledges that David did have his faults – major ones. In my early years, I had a hard time understanding why God included a man like David in the Bible. It was only later, when I had fallen in my own abysses – several times – just like David – that I finally understood. He was there to remind us that God will forgive us anything – if we repent and choose to serve others in the ‘counsel of God’.

The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life still stand behind the locked gates of Eden. Michael and a host of angels still guard the entrance, but the choice remains ours.

Baruch Hashem, Adonai. Hear O Israel, the LORD our God is one,and the second is liken unto it, LOVE our neighbor as ourselves.


1942 Daily Rations:

“David after he had in his own generation served the counsel (the will) of God, fell asleep.”~Acts 13:36

Read: Matthew 20:20-28

“There is no doubt that notwithstanding David’s man faults, he was an outstanding figure in Hebrew history. What made David great was his attitude as he faced the necessities of the hour in which he lived.

‘Having served…’The writer does not say having governed or dominated, or imposed his will upon thousands of subjects, but he says ‘having served’. Jesus’ mission also was to serve. He said, ‘The Son of Man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister’ This totally changed the concept of the greatness of life.

‘He served his own generation…’ his contemporaries, those that lived in his day. That is to say we must do all we can for the good and improvement of the world now; we must not wait for better times but to do it today. This historical hour is a challenge to Christians and they must accept it.

‘He served the counsel of God…’ He did not obey something imposed by human authority but the will of God. He sought to know His will and do it.

“Prayer: Our Lord and Father, help us to serve Christ by serving our generation in such a way that our life may help the world to better its social, moral, and spiritual conditions. In his name we pray. Amen.

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