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“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a GIFT of God, which is shy we call it the present.”~Bill Keane, Family Circus author/cartoonist

Bill Keane got this right on three accounts.
Family is a three-ring circus extravaganza.
Family is a precious gift.
Family is beyond the chains of time.

This week has been a family circus. Crowded dinner tables, laughter over memories, tripping over multiple dogs lying in the exact places where someone wants to walk, Goodwill hunting for school clothes, dreaming dreams through each other’s eyes and finding that circle that ties us all together into that GIFT we call family.

Starting out as an infant, we have a limited concept of family. As we age it grows to include extended family. As we gain knowledge, we recognize it includes those who have come before us and those we hold in our strong arms. As we grow in wisdom, we understand that there is more to family than that physical shape and the name by which they are known.

Like the Creator, who gave us this precious GIFT, family is timeless. It is our history. It is totally a mystery how it will evolve in our future. It is a daily gift of precious love, forgiveness, dancing at sunrise, stretching under the sun, holding hands in the twilight and a reunion beyond compare when the curtain is ripped apart.


FAMILY – Face your family, know thyself, know the precious gift that surrounds you. Today’s RATION – right on again. Can’t tell me that God is not the ultimate author of all things precious. Holy, Holy, Holy…

“I saw…the LORD.~Is 6:1
“I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips.”~Is 6:5

“‘Know thyself.’ said a great teacher. To know myself I must have a standard of measurement. It cannot be myself; it cannot be other people; it must be the highest; it must be God. Isaiah faced God and found himself,

“Face God! See your unholy self against the holiness of God. Face all of yourself before God.

“Face your failures! Where do you fail and why? Get rid of alibis.

“Face your success! Bring your plans and amibitions into the prsence of God and test them.

“Face your family! Are those relationships right?

“Face your friends! Do they make or break you?

“Face your foes! Can you face them as Jesus faced Judas and say, ‘Friend?’ Can you love them?

“Face your finance! What story does your bank book tell- – – love of God or of self?

“Face your fears! Why fear? Perfect love satesth out fear.’

“Face your future! Is there anxiety or trust?

“Prayer: O God, I face all that I am before thee. I let thee come to make me what I ought to be. My past, present, and future I commit to thee. Command my strength now. In Christ’s name. Amen.”