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Well – that was interesting. Got on-line to write a little and find out that my FB account had been hacked.

It made me sad, mad, bad.

It also threw all my writing plans out the window for the night.

It put me in a grumpy mood and spoiled the peacefulness of a Sunday evening.

It- – – – – – sigh.

Happy dogs and sleeping hubby keep me company in a smelly room where one of the dogs passed some gas. I laughed and took a break from my whining to read tonight’s Ration.

Somehow, reading God’s message from 1942 put everything into proportion. In the craziness of bombings, abductions, murders, treachery, treason, genocides against brothers, a FB hacking just doesn’t even begin to deserve a single, whimpy whine.

As I prayed the America’s Prayer Minute tonight with the prayer at the end of today’s Ration, I prayed not only for the Church to get a new vision, courage and unity, but I prayed it for our leaders, our country, and the hacker who had nothing else in their life than to try to drive me away from my path. So here I am, setting out from my computer, ‘doing good’ with courage, vision and unity with my Father.

I totally love the blessing Our Father has brought my way today.

1942 Daily Ration: “God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself.’~Cor 5:19

Here is the whole Christian message in fewer words that are found in an ordinary telegram! The WORD became flesh long ago in a tiny, obscure country, when a Carpenter left his home to go about ‘doing good’. It became a timeless reality when that Carpenter was crucified and rose again. It is our only hope today when the world lies crushed and bleeding.

“As a time when the world has fallen apart in its secular forms it is drawing toward a common center in its spiritual form. There is no movement among men that brings such a challenge across the barriers of race and nation and class as that which comes from the Christian Church as it expresses its world consciousness. Each time the loaf and the cup are lifted up in countless Communion services this world consciousness is expressed. Let us enter the church with a prayer of thanksgiving for this fellowship of Christ,

‘And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto myself.’~John 12:32

“Read: Philippians 2:1-11.

“Prayer: Eternal God our Shepherd, give to us and to thy Church a new vision and a new charity, a revival of courage and a renewal of Christian unity, that the eternal message of thy Son may be hailed as the good news among men in all the world. In his name. Amen.”