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The first Mayflower to appear today was arriving at school and finding the gym full of kids, parents and “Feed the Hungry” ministry leaders. Organized chaos might be too mild of a term. Three schools working together to compile thousands of meals. Kids learning skills they don’t usually learn in school. Parents working side-by-side with teachers and their kids. 
Screaming (whenever a new box was completed).

Its joyous aroma permeated every inch of the school today – not to mention the flowers sitting on my desk from a wonderful principal in honor of “Teacher’s Week”

“Thou art good, and doest good.”~Ps119:68

His flowers usually come in bouquets, and – sure enough – the second bloom awaited me at home. All my gardens are starting into their second year of growth and have overdone themselves in their beauty and aromas. Last year’s planting of wisteria is already starting to cover the top of the portico and surprised me with blooms. I really didn’t expect them for a couple more years – especially since they were fresh cuttings last summer. Then there are Mama Mick’s pink hedge roses reaching for the sky with their blooms. Daddy Mike’s red rose that burst into full array of color while I was gone today.

I took a deep breath, sat on my swing and gave thanks.

“The upright shall dwell in Your presence.”~Ps 140:13

I almost missed the next flower. When my NYC daughter called, I was outside sitting on the swing, brushing the dogs and having silly kitty try to eat some kind of critter under my feet. (I tried to save it, but not sure I succeeded). After coming in and checking my phone, I smiled and breathed in another sweet aroma of His blessing in my life. 
Long conversation. 
A few tears (as always). 
Laughter. (as always) 
Joy. (as always).

This time when I went back outside, I hauled four loads of mulch. Laughed as the dogs kept grabbing the bigger sticks out of the pile. Then I looked up and saw the UPS driver pulling into my driveway.

“You are worthy, O LORD, to receive glory and honor and power.”~Rev 4:11

The final bloom of the day for my Mayflower bouquet had arrived. It was like opening one of those Christmas/birthday presents that never seemed to end. Wrapped in cardboard, paper, bubblewrap, plastic, I carefully, pulled and cut through each level hoping I wouldn’t damage whatever was hidden from sight.

It was indeed a precious flower. A reassurance of a Father who sees and hears when we call on Him with our deepest faith, tears, love and fears. A piece of art emerged. Art created by daughter-of-another-mother. A daughter of my heart who made me cry tonight – once again.

GOD is good. All the time.

The art now hangs in my bedroom where I can see it – the last thing at night as I read my last Bible verse, and the first thing in the morning as I say my first “Baruch Hashem, Adonai”. Our Father’s bouquets are always the best. Full of bittersweet aromas and beauty sometimes created by the hands of the people I love.

Seasons of testing are never fun. They are the times we hate to think about let alone live them out on this temporal world. Yet, through it all – GOD is good. All the time. And – His Mayflower bouquets are beyond compare.

“But the mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting…” Ps 103:17

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