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Why is the first corn of the season always, always, ALWAYS the best corn of the season? NC corn is on the byways and highways just in time for the 4th of July…….and me? After not eating much for the past few weeks, I am enjoying every bite that is just a wee bit salted and dripping in butter. Which by the way, drips on to whatever bit of clothing I am wearing at the time.

June was a long, long, LONG month. One book closed and right there – by my side – is another. Part of me wants to pick it up. Another part of me, isn’t quite ready to put the effort into even picking it up quite yet. It is a different kind of book. 
Not new. 
Tattered cover. 
A few ripped and stained pages. 
Maybe even a page or two missing. 
It has been stuffed at the very back of my bookshelf for 40 years and is the one that I haven’t even thought about in ever so long – let alone pick it up……..
but there is this tickle. 
A tickle way back of my eyes that keeps pointing at it. 
A tickle that reminds me that I liked reading it long ago. 
A tickle that is hinting that it just may be time to pick it up again and discover whatever wisdom might lie beneath the words it holds.

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”~1 Cor 2:9

It is hot in NC this week. Humid, steamy, muggy, yukky hot. My sinuses feel swollen beyond the confines of my normal sized head. So – out come the oils. Inversion board coming up. But sometimes – I’ve found the best thing is to go out and just sweat.

Early in the morning or late, late in the afternoon – – – right after the deepest part of the night has passed or right as twilight begins at night – – – I meander outside with the lab girls. We do our neighborhood walk, and then I get to work and try to avoid the mosquitoes. I have found that I actually love moving wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of mulch around my small home. The gardens are somewhat dry since we haven’t had a serious rain in a couple weeks, but they are still flourishing. Tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, flowers. God is definitely good, and I see His hand everywhere in the yard with every drop of sweat that falls.

During the heat of the day, if I’m not writing or watching Grands, I head to the bedroom and begin to paint the walls. The knees creak a little more than when I did this a few years back, but I have found that atmosphere is vital when starting a new book and well worth the noisy grunts from various body parts. Best of all is asking the daughter and SIL for help where the walls go much higher than my old knees want to climb.

God is so good.

The new book is still sitting rights beside me. Sometimes I feel like it is inside of me, just waiting to be opened. And because I have this strange curiosity that often gets me into trouble, I peek inside that dusty ol’ book. The Light sparkles around the words that are imprinted there. My eyes are blinded since they are too bright to read for now. Quickly, I slam that book shut once again. I think I will wait a little longer. I know that in time,The Holy Spirit will stop with the tickles and slam me upside the head when the time is exactly right. He just likes to forewarn me – – peak my curiosity – – just like he has for the past couple decades of my life. I don’t really like the “Gibbs slap”, but it does get His point across succinctly.

“We must let God’s WORD become the words of our story.”~Lysa Terkeurst

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