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Love – LoVe – LOVE Sundays. Not only do I get to have breakfast with daughter and family, but I generally get a call from the other daughter or a friend or edit some writing – or just able to spend extra time leaning on and learning from the WORD.

This morning there were buttermilk waffles. Seafood dip from Left Bank Butchery. Really good bread (even if it wasn’t gluten free). A Grand curled around her daddy just like I used to curl around mine. Another Grand and his mother putting together a birthday present that continues to challenge everyone who looks at the instructions. A long wonderful conversation with my NYC daughter – catching up on her life – wishing we were just a little closer so I could hear her violin sing in my ears again. A call from an old friend and laughing till my throat hurt. Then time in His WORD. Who could ask for more?

GOD is good all the time – even though we live in a world that continues to turn more inside out everyday. All the time, GOD is good.

“Fear not – The LORD is committed to removing anything from your life that might promote the very thing that will hinder your progress.”~Priscilla Shirer, wk 3:D3 Gideon Bible Study

Been thinking about this quote all week. Tossing it this way. Then throwing it up in the air. Bouncing it up and down to see where it lands or if it bounces away. Turning myself in circles to see why these particular words seemed to be highlighted in the text before I pulled out my pen.

GOD is good all the time.

I started this Bible study on a whim – a nudge – a wink of an unseen eye when I saw a friend post about it right after Christmas. It has been a challenging blessing. Finding the extra time every day. Delving deep into a Bible story that I knew very little about to begin with except – There was this man named Gideon. Gideon was visited by an angel. Gideon fought a battle with only 300 and won over thousands. Three chapters.

Who knew I could learn so much from three tiny chapters of the Old Testament?

All the time, GOD is good.

Today is also Holocaust Memorial Day, Yom Hoshoah. As I wrote those familiar words of the last few paragraphs, Elie Wiesel’s words taunted them in my mind. “The yellow star? So what? It’s not lethal …” (Poor Father! Of what then did you die?)”~Elie Wiesel, Night How can both both be true? GOD is good all the time – All the time, GOD is good. People dedicated to opening their tents of faith for the world to see, marked by a yellow star, banished to prison camps (along with many other ethnic groups – or twins – or homosexuals – regime protesters, etc). It is hard for the logical mind to accept. Wiesel struggled with it throughout his life as did many of the Holocaust survivors. Books and books have been written about it. Debated – Defended – Dismissed.

And yet – even so – the wisdom of our humanity doesn’t comprehend the total love and promises of an omniscient Father. The more I read and study and pray – the more the truth of those words ring true in my heart.

GOD is good all the time – All the time, GOD is good.

Wish I had an answer. Wish I could fit all the parts together. Wish I knew if I would be as faithful as so many were when they walked through the temporary gates of the ghettos or the more permanent doors of the gas ovens. Wish I knew if I could be as brave as Gideon when GOD told him to dismiss all his other soldiers and go into battle with only 300. Wish I understood why our world seems to be turning inside out.

“If wishes were horses, beggars will ride.”

Long ago, these words hung in a small town library. I had to climb up a lot of steps with my small legs to get to the door of this library. Usually, I had a pile of books in my arms, so I couldn’t hold on to the banister. I remember dropping those books more than once and having to retrace those steps a few times over. I also remember puzzling over those words hanging on the wall over the horse section of the shelves. “If wishes were horses…” The decades have added a little more wisdom in understanding them.

So I end with what I know to be true in the deepest part of my being – – whether on Sundays when we remember horrible atrocities that happened and continue to happen in this upside down world – – or on Sundays when life is wonderful, restful and blessed. Our finite minds may not understand. Our hearts may not break with the pain… Faith says open our tents…trust… rejoice…fear not…for…….

GOD is good all the time.

All the time, GOD is good.   


arbeitmachtfreiIn the our society we are split in many camps. People who believe that the Holocaust happened. People who think it is an elaborate conspiracy theory. People who believe Jews deserved what they got – after all they are just money grubbing, Christ-killers. People who believe that it happened, but could never happen again. People who are silent because it makes them uncomfortable. People who pray but not much faith in their own petitions.

I’m not sure when I became so fascinated…..(the connotation of the word “fascinated” seems inappropriate……..perhaps “compelled” is a better choice}…….when I became so compelled to devour everything associated with these – basically – 12 (interesting number Biblically) years of German history: 1933-1945. Was it the soldier stories I inadvertently heard while I was supposed to be sleeping during late night parties? The teacher/preacher who had been a POW in GermanY? The Bible stories that mentioned the word “Jew” over and over? The diary of a young girl who did not live through her brief time in a concentration camp? The nightmares that haunted my dreams with a siren sound echoing over and over? Which ever it was – it started me on a journey that has never stopped.  I’m still compelled.

Since I’m no longer teaching a Holocaust unit, I had forgotten that this was the never againweek of Holocaust Remembrance. However, my subconscious (Or what I truly believe is the work of the Holy Spirit), kept me on schedule. Today, I realized that all week my devotions have been leading me to this particular place of remembrance, and I “hafsakah” (paused) before Jehovah Sabboth.

How many prayers did they offer during this persecution? How many lost their faith totally? How many tears fell upon the earth as their eyes beheld the evil in front of them? How many remained silent in the face of the evil that looked upon them with it’s terrifying, yellow eyes?

They were people like us. Elie Wiesel expresses it well in his first book, NIGHT – when his father brushed off the wearing of a yellow star on their clothes saying that they wouldn’t die of it. Elie replies from his grown-up vantage point, “Of what then did we die, Father?” People who went along because it wasn’t too bad at the beginning, People who were too wrapped up in lives to notice. People who hid their heads under their Yellowed-stared coats and hoped it would pass quickly. People like us.

As I pray my own prayers tonight, I think about those prayers they must have offered. Prayers that their homes would be safe. Prayers that it wouldn’t be as bad as they had begun to suspect. The Prayers of Psalms that they repeated in the darkness of a crowded cattle car swarming with smells and acts that paralyzed their vocal chords. Prayers for those missing or separated from them as German soldiers pointed their guns and yelled, “Snell, snell”. Jewish prayers for the dead…Kaddish.

Tonight one of my friends shared a Josh Groban recording of one of my favorite broadway songs that is in the form of a prayer. A prayer that is still echoing around the world today. A prayer that – perhaps tonight- Christ sings on our behalf….”God on high hear my prayer
in my need you have always been there….
he is young
he’s afraid
let him rest
heaven blessed
bring him home…….”

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Sweet Lullabies

lullabyeThe softness of night is here. Dogs are snoring on the couch, and husband has tucked himself into our Armish Oak bed. Love this time of night; when the quiet sings sweet lullabies in my head, and my eyes grow heavy with dreams yet visualzied. God’s blessing to the end of a busy day weaves a comforter warmer than the heavy denim that covers our bed.

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you.” Jm 4:7

Thankful praises drift slowly through my foggy brain – dreams of builiding amishsomething together again – the call of a student’s story to listen – a Grand’s hesitant touch of a red fox pelt that Papa found on his walk this morning – the excitement to read aloud an old book to Grandma “One Fish, Two Fish…” – the echo of looking at a daughter/mama who once read that same book in the same happy voice – another Grand’s tiredness overcoming his curiousness as he curls into his daddy for comfort. Treasures beyond measure. Reams of dreams yet to be.

“Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom.” Jm 8-9

But memories are two-edged swords. Repentenance pleas of sharp words, glances and failings that nip at my heels when I am not careful. Frustration over choices that I do not understand. Demons that haunt those I love. Pain and doubts that I can not answer…….for myself or others. My knees quiver as I curl tighter into myself and see the abyss’s darkness that always re-appears to block my path.

But I am blessed, the pit’s allure has lost its fearful power, and I no longer fall too deeply. Its deceptive reflection reminding me of how much higher I need and can reach.

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.’ Jm 4:10

As always, His melody sings and His sweet lullabye surrounds me. The evil one has me in prayerno power against this and the path is made whole once again by prayer requests in my heart. Perfectly orchestrated counterpoints to His melody — miraculous rays entwined to carry forth healing to those in pain and weakness — those with torments that do not show — those unspokens that only He knows. Toes uncurl, fingers outstretched, and my hand reaches out to grip the One that lifts me up.

It is my nightime prayer; it is the sweet lullaby in the softness of the night. It is the soft bed that welcomes me. It is the soft quiet of the night at the end of a busy day. It is the knowing that God dances over me as I sleep, delights in me and reaches out His hand to lift me up…everyday – everynight.. Sweet dreams to all of you.

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