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2020 VISION: Short, Sweet

It is true, God seeks us with every one of His beautiful creations – from this beautiful earth – to all colorful creatures and species that roam it – to His beloved Son and the Holy Spirit that He has put inside of us – to the door He stands behind and knocks. Since the very first word He wrote – Bereshit – He has sought to bring us back to His garden, so we could walk with Him!

However – He also seeks us in the sucky, miry bogs that trap our legs – in the searing fires that burn our feet – in the harsh winds that blind us – in the pestilence that fells us. Right now, He walks with us – holds our hands and carries us wrapped in His wings through those fiery storms that blacken the Western gates of our land – and the pelting waters that threaten the Southern gates – and the divisive violence that ripples out and over the largest city to the smallest town of our country and all life they hold – to the spiky pestilence that robs us of time with our loved ones – our peace – our health.

He is seeking us…even then…especially then. He continuously seeks – and knocks – and calls our name. And yet – do we seek Him back…………………even a little???

He is asking us to look at the garden. The garden that He gave us long ago. Look closely at it. Look at what we have done. Look at what we have made of it. We need to find our knees once again – become the Light we were supposed to be from “In the beginning…” – Bereshit – and seek His face once again.

Just maybe – we can walk in the Garden again while the dew is still on the roses, and the Voice we’ll hear falling on our ears…