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I haven’t written much lately. Well – that’s not exactly true. I have been writing – – – a lot actually. I just haven’t posted anything to my blog or on FB. The Thoughtsong that flows into the blog or FB has been quiet. So quiet that I wondered if she would sing again. So in corresponding fashion – after all – I have learned over these many years to be silent when the Thoughtsong is not singing in my heart. But tonight, the song began again.

“Declare among the nations: “The LORD reigns!”
The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved…”~Ps 96:10a

The promises of Our Father, written way before I entered the chaos of Terra, are amazing. When His promises live in people of prayer, they are even more amazing. I think that is why Thoughtsong began singing once again. Reciting promise after promise and having prayer warriors reciting promise after promise continue to be all the manna one needs to survive. Thoughtsong is singing once again, and I am beyond thankful to hear her song welling up inside of me.

In the past month, I’ve moved over 100+ wheelbarrow loads of mulch and stone. Watched my plants grow – despite weather that has been all over the charts – and produce fruit (can’t wait for the any-day-now-first tomato). Walked the dogs and thrown a stick more times than I can count – but my elbow knows – in both arms. Groaned in the Holy Spirit until there were no more tears and slept in exhaustion. Waited – not so patiently – as the new song began to form.

“For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”~Rm 15:4

Prayer as been the wind under my wings. 

A couple days back another prayer warrior dropped off a book for me, It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way  by Lysa Terkeurst. I read the first chapter and cried. I wrote and I wrote about things that God knew already, but these words were for me. I was the one that needed to see – to hear – needed to sing for myself. God hears and listens when we stand on His promises – just not always in the way we expect.

“Sing to the LORD a new song;
sing to the LORD, all the earth.”~Ps 96:1

As I continue to step forward on this new God path, I continue to find the path in the darkness with each of His promises lighting my stumbling, tiny baby steps (I am not courageous enough to take giant steps nor secure enough to be confident). New paths are challenging – hard to navigate. But every day, I become stronger. My clothes hang a little more loosely. My muscles a little sturdier. And thankfully at the end of long days, my kitty curls in my lap while one dog snores behind my chair and the other cuts farts under my feet.

Life – while not how I thought it should be – is how HE thinks it should be, and I gulp another big breath as I prepare to step forward tomorrow. Maybe…even…double gulp …a giant step tomorrow.

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and ||mighty things, which thou knowest not..”~Jer 33:3 

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jerusalem blood moon 9 15It has rained for four days, counting today.The clouds continue to roll over the NC skies bringing the steady showers and cooler temperatures. Overall, it was a good weekend to be stuck inside, blowing my nose, coughing up ugly stuff, and whining. Luckily, the hubby was almost as sick as I was, so we managed to commiserate together through most of it without driving each other crazy.
What really was bugging me the most was that I obviously would not get to see the 4th Blood Moon. I didn’t get to see the 1st – the 2nd – – OR the 3rd Blood Moon for the same reason – – – – –  dratted cloudy skies!!! I was totally in mope mode, and I wasn’t about to try to eradicate. I wanted to just blow my nose a little louder, sink a little deeper into the chair and feel sorry for myself.
Constant rain.
Dark…dreay…yukky weekend.
Couldn’t go to church, so I forced myself to dig into a devotional. Didn’t feel like doing my Beth Moore bible study, so I turned to a video on Jewish traditions that  I had put off watching all week. Yesterday was the beginning of Sukkot or Feast of the Tabernacles and, of course, another Blood Moon that would happen on a Jewish holy day.
I love reading about Jewish feasts and fesitvals because they are full of stories about family and friends gathering to eat, share and rejoice in the gifts of Our Father. I have friends that do this every Friday night. Even though they are Jesus followers, they celebrate the same way Rabbi Yeshua did when He walked this earth. I love that idea.
When my children were little, we did this without realizing it was somehow written in our DNA. Friday night was pizza night. Soda pop came out of the closet (a real celebration of the no-sugar rule). Friends would materialize to celebrate the work week’s end. Bed times and chores postponed, so that board games, cards or makeshift theatre productions could be enjoyed before prayers whispered together by sleepy kids and parents.
“Because he loves Me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges My name.”
Yesterday, I found this promise, and an unreasonable hope began to build. I had whispered a frustrated prayer earlier in the morning that I just wanted one glimpse of the Blood Moon. After all – one out of 4 wasn’t asking too much, was it? (I tend to grump at Our Father sometimes) As the day grew darker so had my mood. That is – until my Bible revealed this promise. Amazing how that works. Suddenly, my mood changed.
As silly as it sounds, I found myself going outside in the rain and looking at the clouds. Around 8 P.M., I walked outside once again. I knew approximately where the moon should be. There was, at first, nothing but dark clouds. I kept looking. A cloud ribbon emerged on the horizon and started reflecting a bright white. I told God that really wasn’t what I wanted and went back inside. I told myself I was silly, but inside, the Bible verse echoed. “Because he loves Me…”
“He will call on Me, and I will answer him;”
Off and on, I continued to roam outside. Hope was building to the place where I was almost doubt free at times – and yet – there was nothing. Around 11, a friend wrote me that she was outside enjoying a clear view of the red orb, and I knew that the time was now. I walked outside. There was a brightness where I knew the moon probably was and slowly – the Blood Moon appeared. Anyone who knows me knows that tears and prayers were simultaneously erupting from my soul and spilling out into the physical world around me.
He had heard my silly little prayer. It certainly wasn’t going to change my faith if I didn’t see an eclipse of a super moon, after all it isn’t a strange occurance (although 4 consecutive eclipses happening exactly on 4 high holy days in the Jewish religion is rather rare). However, it changed the depth of my faith in God’s promises.
He listens.
He answers.
He cares about the tiny things in our ives as well as the big things
There must of been a thin layer of clouds somewhere up there because the Blood Moon was never sharply defined, but it was far more than “the glimpse” thaI I had requested. I sat for 45 minutes or more and watched the sliver of white on the side of the moon grow wider as the eclipse began to end. My sleepy head leaned back on the top of the chair and the different tones of several of my wind chimes lulled me into His peace just a little more.
Because I love Him, He broke the clouds. He revealed my heart’s desire, and gave me —– oh —– so much more than a glimpse………
A promise made long ago, became a tiny miracle just for me.
A blessing to grow my faith.
A blessing I am passing on to you.
“I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
With long life I will satisfy him
and show him my salvation.” Ps 91 14-16
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945925_589268661094942_510126471_nI absolutely – positively love going to our church. I totally – completely love singing old hymns or praise songs in a come-unity that is so large that no one can hear me sing – just me giving back (one of the gifts He gave me) to My Father. I happily – amazingly love jumping from book to book – verse to verse- in Our Father’s guide book – trying to keep up with a pastor who seems to store the whole book in his bald head and talks faster than any ol’ country boy I’ve ever heard.

“And he did not doubt The Promise of God as if his faith were lacking, but he was strengthened in faith and he gave praise to God.” Rm 4:20

Blue. Red. Black. Purple. Green. My relatively new Bible has gotten pretty marked up in the past few years. After the house fire took away my old Bibles and my mom’s Bible, I had to get a few new ones. (Luckily, my father’s Masonic Bible was spared) But – there is always that one special translation that becomes a favorite. One that sleeps close to me when the hubby is gone (mostly because I love reading in bed until my eyes can no longer stay open, and I wake up hours later to turn out the light). One that seems to speak in God’s voice more than the others do. Its tissuepaper pages are torn – creased – marked. Dates crowd the margins around verses that speak loudly to me while underlined phrases – boxed in words – and silly doodles weave in and out of the small spaces that remain. More notes on notebook paper are pasted into my journal —- just incase I need to look something up later.

“Therefore, take heart, men, for I believe God, that it is so according to what was spoken to me.” Acts 27:25

Every story – every parable – points us to having faith. A faith so strong that we begin to understand that no matter what happens, God keeps His promises. A faith that allows us to see beyond all logic and reason to see the hope of His promises. It may happen immediately – it may happen decades later, but God keeps His promises, or if you think in Hebrew or Jewish tradition – he keeps His b’rits. The fantastically – wonderfully cool thing is – – – – God works to build faith in our lives through every situation that we experience. Every terrific- awful – funny – sad – hateful – beloved situation that develops in our lives.

“For it is by faith that we walk and not by sight.” 2 Cor 5:7

At the end of this night, my heart absolutely identifies with Mary, Martha’s sister. I can easily visualize myself sitting at Jesus’s feet, listening to Him teach, yearning to absorb every syllable of His stories into my finite mind until finally – safely, I fall asleep, wrapped in the comforter of His voice. That is the peace of faith – a faith in God the Father – God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – a faith beyond all understanding. A peace byond all logical thought. A peace that is just  absolutely “knowing”.(Lk 10:38-42)

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A Miracle Kind of Day

It’s a miracle!!! It’s thundering outside! (“God is laughing,” as my dad used to say.) Seriously – rain has been so rare – it feels like a miracle, and the thunderstorm makes it just so special. Now, I’m just hoping that the thunder brings the rain as well – a really – super-duper rainstorm. I would love to see a storm tonight, but I think my garden would love it even more than me. =)

Lately, we have been stopping to buy fresh corn and other veggies on the way home from church. It is just a small roadside building that sells local produce and a few home-made/local items, but it is like a treasure hunt for the husband and myself. We started out just buying the corn, but now our refrigerator is stuffed to the max with all the wonderful “gold” we uncover on a Sunday.

Shucking corn in the front garden, listening to the baby birds hollering for food, watching the dogs dust themselves where grass should be – makes for a lovely Sunday. When the husband goes in to start fixing a “brunch” omelette that is loaded with “gold”, it gives me time to think as I work.

“Remember your people whom you acquired in ancient times,
whom you rescued so they could be your very own nation,
as well as Mount Zion, where you dwell!” Ps 74:2


David had a way with words. Whether he was on the run or hiding in caves, waging war against giants or armies, failing to follow the path his Father had created just for him or planning the temple where “His” people would find comfort and peace from the One who comforted him. David wrote words. A kernel of truth the size of a mustard seed in every verse – powerful – meaningful – heartfelt – then…and even now in today’s world when war is surrounding His people.

“Remember Your people…”

We slay giants. We amass armies (remember – this IS a metaphor – just think of the kind of armies – good and bad – that line up behind you). We hide in caves – those dark, scary, damp, cold places that no one wants to be in…even with the brightest flashlight. But hopefully – we stumble upon a path…a Lighted path…and we take one step. Open our eyes and take another step. Blessings! Be! It is easier for us than David. We don’t have to build a temple to find comfort or worship Our God. Our LORD died on the cross and rose again so that the temple and the Helper is inside of us. David knew the ultimate goal was the dwelling place of God. It is our our ultimate destination as well.


“O LORD God, do not reject your chosen ones! Remember the faithful promises you made to your servant David!” 1 Chron 6:42
“Remember Your promises…”

Today as we sang this praise song, those two lines stuck in my mind…are still stuck in my mind: “Remember Your people…Remember Your promises…” Today as I sat in my garden, I prayed. I wept. I rejoiced. I smiled…because He does remember — His people — His promises. I carried the corn in the house, ate a “golden” breakfast fixed by a great cook, and enjoyed the miracles of the day. Just been one of those kind of days…a pocket full of miracle days.