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TABERNACLING 2021: 40 Days TheChosen #37

“You are you, and you have a specific purpose.  His entire collection contains not a single reproduction. And despite how crowded this planet can sometimes feel, your life proves you need to exist. It also confirms there are good works for you to do.”

TheChosen Devotional p160

There are seasons and months and days, when you look up and just can’t help but say, “It is good.”

Yesterday, when I was writing I had no idea that the next day, my devotionals would confirm everything that I had written the day before.

GOD created GODwinks for times such as these. 

20 years ago, I was desperately looking for GODwinks as soon as I watched the 1st plane crash into the first tower.  I was still at home and just getting ready to climb in the car to teach at my part-time job.  All my kidlets had flown from the nest that year.  One to Mt. Vernon, OH.  One in Nashville, TN. One in Bowling Green, OH. One in MI. Lots of prayers were circling as I drove to work and heard a second plane had hit the other tower.

I needed GODwinks…..our nation needed GODwinks. YAH knew and continually created many throughout that day – – – for me and for the nation.

The hallways were relatively silent as the students changed classrooms. As I heard their sniffles and looked in their eyes, lesson plans flew out the window except the unit we had been starting to work on – the study of journalism. All the Bible verses and prayers that I had whispered on the drive to school, exploded in His plan.

We became reporters.  We watched the screen.  We took notes on what was said.  No smart boards back then, but giant post-it notes did the trick when we ran out of board room.  They focused in and took more notes than I gave them.  They talked to coaches, family, and friends and came in with more notes.  When they created their stories, they were as varied as the students themselves– poetry, songs, news, sports, artwork. Editors proofed them.  Typists put them in the computer, and another beloved teacher helped them get actual pictures to insert into our first newspaper in color. 

But the GODwinks continued as they decided to sell or take donations for the paper they had produced.  They sent the proceeds to NYC children that had lost their homes, schools or loved ones during 9/11.   

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance as our way of life.”

Ephesians 2:10

As always, I am blown away (and I shouldn’t be) by how Our Father creates His gifts of love, grace and beauty out of hatred, power and ugliness. His side of our covenants are never broken.  I think Psalm 145:10 says it best: “The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon Him, to all that call upon Him in truth.”

 During 9/11 He sent His Son to stand beside those on airplanes, those on the ground, those in faraway states, those who shed tears, and those afraid.  He placed a cross in the midst of destruction.  He put hope in the hearts of those who came together on 9/12 in unity, song and prayer. He declared hope in the form of hands, food, and prayer-filled counselors in a small chapel that remained standing in the epicenter. He had leaders in place for such a time as this. Leaders who spoke the strong words that echoed those of a people’s ancient history …..  the exact Biblical words that had been shouted by Our Father’s first people in ancient times.

Our Triune GOD continues to create those same GODwinks today — even if we don’t see them yet.  The ugliness of Afghanistan (and many other countries round the world that deal in slavery and oppression), politics, COVID, division, plagues and nature’s upheavals continue to attack our souls and heart with their darkness and hopelessness. But these worldly challenges offer two choices – look through a Our Father’s lens of truth or through the world’s lens of man’s wisdom.  

GOD creates and never changes.

It is our choice how we respond on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

“Even if I knew tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

Marin Luther

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TABERNACLING 2021: 40 Days TheChosen #33

My perception was way off today.  I forgot that it has been – pretty much – since mid-July that I have moved mulch and rocks and transplanted bushes.  That being said – my body is a little tired. My muscles hurt. Yet, I am smiling. I read 3 chapters of one of my favorite old books, did my devotions, talked to a neighbor, laughed at silly lab girl as she rolled in the grass during a short shower, read some poetry, am writing this blog, and if I manage to not fall asleep, I need to do some editing work for my daughter and myself.

Perception is a tricky thing.

My opinion is that it tends to differ from person to person. I often think of it as a shimmery scale that distorts or enhances the lens in each human set of eyes just enough that they perceive the reality of this chaotic world that YAH has designed for times such as these – – uniquely.

If we were sitting side-by-side today, we would have seen rain, green grass, cloudy skies, bright sun, a mulch pile, a stone pile, a wheel barrow, a dog in the grass, humming birds flitting to and fro around the feeders – and yet – – – – our perceptions of this particular moment in time could be completely different within each of us.

The wise man’s eyes are in his head,
But the fool walks in darkness.
Yet I myself perceived
That the same event happens to them all

– Ecclesiastes 2:14

There are only 24 hours in the day, and 8-9 of those for this ol’ gal should be spent sleeping.  The muscles of an ol’ gal are not the muscles of a youngin’.  The eyes may have a slight cloud in them, but they still see pretty well considering.  Praise to the All-Mighty Father, the mind is still fairly agile as well, so I can continue to form those perceptions from all I perceive.

Today is the beginning of the Jewish festival, Rosh Hashanah.  While the festival itself only lasts for 2 days, the command to look deeply – perceive – the past year through a Biblical lens in the eyes, goes on for 10 days.  Reality – or the truths as we see them can look differently depending upon the lens in the eye.

The choice of lens changes perception.

Like a shadow declining

Swiftly away. . . away . . .

Like the dew of the morning

Gone with the beat of the day;

Like the wind in the treetops,

Like a wave of the sea,

So are our lives on earth when seen

In light of eternity.

– by Ruth Bell Graham

As night closes in, one civil celebration weekend ends as another holy-day festival begins. I open my journal and look at the verses that I wrote down at the beginning of this day. They formed part of the lens through which I try to perceive the “reality” around me for the rest of the day.  Usually, this Biblical lens sharpens the edges – the colors – the actions that fill my day. Those verses filter these worldly “facts” through His WORD that I might see everything as He would have me perceive it. 

There are somedays, I end up on my knees asking forgiveness because even though I saw my day through His WORD, I didn’t always bear the fruit of His WORD into action. There are other days, when I sigh in happiness because I picked His fruit that I might give it to another.  And some days – a cloudy lens gets in the way. My perception is faulty, and I just end up scratching my head as I wonder whether I mis-placed the lens completely – – – or not.

Perception is a tricky thing – but so much easier when seen through the lens of His WORD.

“Come and see the works of God;
He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men.”

Psalm 66:5

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Feast of Trumpets

TABERNACLING 2021: 40 Days TheChosen #20

There is absolutely nothing better than talking one of your best friends from childhood – the sister of the heart who also shares the same memory bank of so many journeys together…Sandy and Tippy/Chico.  Parents. A fence between yards.  Gwendolyn and Betsy.  Piano duets. Girls Scout bus rides. Ice skating.  Sled riding. Choir and ensemble Trips. Suzanne and There Is a Ship. Walking around a small town and stopping to sing for those sitting on a porch on a summer’s evening.  Loves. Heartbreaks. Marriages. Divorces. Taking care of those we love. GOD.

We trust each other – love each other – even when we disagree.

Trust is one of those words that is used and misused over and over. It was also the word in many of today’s devotions that I read.  I always find it amazing when GOD weaves the same word throughout the many things that I see, hear, or experience during a 24 hour period.  Today, is also the half-way mark of my 40-day prayer journey with TheChosen Devotional, Season One.

It is better to trust in the Lord
Than to put confidence in man.
It is better to trust in the Lord
Than to put confidence in princes

Ps 118:8-9

There are many, many idioms in the English language that use the word Trust.  Those common phrases that are made clear by the context in which they are used. 

  • Trust me!
  • Tried, true, tested and trusted.
  • I wouldn’t trust that as far as I could throw it.
  • I put it in trust for them.
  • Trust in GOD, but pass the ammunition.
  • Brain trust, land trust, money trust.
  • Trust the process.
  • Take it on trust.
  • In GOD we trust.

In these latter days, it is hard to trust anything.  Like a dystopian novel, lies seem to be prevalent throughout the world, and most of my acquaintances seem to be scratching their heads in frustration and disbelief.

And yet – – –

There is one place where nothing as changed.  Not one jot.  Not one tittle. Not one word. In fact, every year even more facts continue to be unearthed that proves the accuracy of the WORD.  The written WORD can be trusted. The WORD who spoke it in the beginning can be trusted unto the ends of the earth.

In 1999, the Muslims dug an underground mosque.  They moved tons of dirt and dumped it.  Israeli archeologists decided to dig through it for artifacts.  They found a lot.  In 2016, it was written that they had found a coin from Antiochus IV.  He was the Syrian king that desecrated the Temple Mount around 156 BC.  [Daniel 11] The coin is one of the first confirmation warnings to all of us of what the coming antichrist will look like.  The coin they found on one side said: “the coming one”; on the other side: “God manifest”.

There are not many things in this world I trust.  I think it has many roots in my life that I am still unraveling and trying to extract the wisdom buried in them. But the next to the last chapter of Revelations of Jesus Christ, John thee Apostle wrote about a “trust” we can count on in this world. We can trust the Son who was betrayed many times and yet – He still offered His life for my/our sins. 

How can I NOT trust the WORD, when He did that for me – for you?

He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

Revelations 21:5

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Antiochus IV

TABERNACLING 2021: Terribly Strange

“Can you imagine us years from today,

Sharing a park bench quietly.

How terrible strange to be seventy…”

Old Friends by Paul Simon

The way I look at things, it’s not Terribly Strange how music and lyrics from my youth suddenly erupt and spew out a phrase that I really didn’t even remember until I suddenly find it covering me with all its essence – sights, smells, songs…………….sighs.

My brain, like all those brains that have come before me, has gotten clogged up with a ba-zillion memories, facts, and details from day-to-day life. So songs that I once sang a million times (at least) in a year – here, there or somewhere – got pushed further back. Those musical files, just like all the other files we need to get through as we number of our days, overflow into every nook and cranny available until that tiny, miraculous computer in our head begins to file things into little the cubbies that exist in those nooks and crannies. 

It is kinda Terribly Strange how those cubbies have stay locked until some weird shape key unlocks it, and the exact file leaps out and begins to sing in your head.

It is not Terrribly Strange that over the past year, my body has repeatedly reminded me that I have, indeed, entered my 70’s – winkles, cataracts, arthritis…ugh. So, it is not like I was surprised when the female kidlets said they wanted to celebrate my birthday with me. COVID had eased and travel possible. It was a go!

I was – however, surprised at how much effort they put into it. They even got the male sibs involved.  Between a video of reminisces from friends and family, a slew of cards from friends, family, peers, and former students, a zoom call with others, they even managed to bake a Grandma Mickey cake from scratch.

I have to admit – watching them make the cake was one of the best things of the day. 

A Grandma Mickey cake is a 3-layer, choc cake with fudge frosting in the middle and a whipped, 7-minute white frosting for the top.  It takes a good part of the day and a step-by-step focus to detail. Even then – rain or humidity can destroy all that effort in a blink of an eye.  I enjoyed it mostly because I got to watch the daughters build a treasure chest memory together that will live long past me.

It is Terribly Strange for me not to remember a lot of the video display they had compiled or zoom call came next. Emotional overload and being the center of attention is way too overwhelming for this ol’ gal to retain.  I tend to be a solitary soul at heart (even though my calling has put me in front of a class or on stage most of my life), and am totally out of my comfort zone when people are doing things for me.

“So teach us to number our days,

That we may gain a heart of wisdom.” 

– Ps 90:12

70 is an important number in Jewish tradition.  I won’t list them all here, but some of the ones I found interesting are:

  • 70 years in a generation of human life
  • 70 holy days to praise Yahweh
  • 70 perspectives to the Torah
  • 70 sons of Abraham
  • 70 languages/nations after the Tower of Babel
  • 70 names for Jerusalem
  • 70 AD/CE the 2nd Temple destroyed
  • 70 years between the 1st Zionist Congress in 1897 and the reunification of Israel with Jerusalem in 1967

From all these things listed – 70 is wholeness – 70 is new opportunities – 70 is full of potential.

All things being said, while it may be Terribly Strange to be 70 with all its wrinkles and weaknesses, it is also the time to look outwards – to look up – – – a time to fill the lamp and extra vessels with all the oil you can gather from the pressing, because the Bridegroom has almost finished the home He has prepared for His Bride, and He has promisd:

Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.

Rev 21:5
Grandma Mickey cake 2021

TABERNACLING 2021: Woes Whoa!


Early, early this morning, I woke up from an uneasy dream just enough to know I was awake.  Drifted back to sleep and into the same dream that grew more chaotic and uglier. Woke again…just enough to wonder a little before I drifted back to sleep and into the same hellish nightmare.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

Proverbs 18:10

I do not have nightmares often.  When I do – especially if it is a dream that continues right where it left off – I have always been able to wake myself up and grab the Bible that is (hopefully) right where it is supposed to be on my bedstand.  If it isn’t, I go looking for it as I start declaring every Bible verse in my shaking memory banks.

Then – as His promises grab hold of me – I start to look for the wisdom.  There is always wisdom to be found when the heart is pounding and the WORDS of my Father are circling.  I just have to the good sense enough to ask Him to help me find it.

Ye have not – because ye ask not…

James 4:2

Sometimes – I wish I were more artistic like my mom…especially when He downloads an answer from His WORD in pictures. Simplistically, it was His hand cradling me and two wings sheltering my head.  Isaiah and David word pictures combined.

He always speaks in parables, so I ask again. More please?

A new picture, more detailed, develops. The dream images re-emerged, and then His hand reached out and I climb in the palm where my name is carved as I hear a whisper.

In chaotic, hellish times of these latter days – He cradles us in the palm of His hand and shelters us beneath the shelter of His two wings…Yeshua’s “right”eousness covering our trembling bodies…the Holy Spirit’s “left”ness remaining over us on the other side…as an army of angels await His command circling round and round and round in praise and joy.


Wide awake.  I got up and carry the image with me throughout the day.  The nightmare woe banished as if it never existed. Choc lab girl ready to play and chase the treasured ball. Kitty rolling on her back under the wisteria covered portico.  A long a-waited bloom of a golden iris.  Sun filtering through the woods as birds sing overhead.

And just beyond the horizon where the sun is just starting to peek its head up, I can almost see Yeshua rolling up His sleeves, smiling and waiting.

I re-check my lamp and my extra oil vessels. 

The latter days started as soon as Yeshua rose from the grave. The apostles expected His return any day.  The evil one rose up one potential anti-christ after another as he didn’t want to be found un-prepared either. Every generation, the expectation has never left. The world has waited through many generations. Yeshua waited. 

However, the Father is faithful to fulfill ALL the words of His prophets.

Read His WORD.

How many prophecies still need to be fulfilled…or is He just waiting for one more person in this wide, chaotic world to fill their lamp and look up before He whispers to His Son – “NOW”?

This morning as I looked up, I still think I saw Yeshua rolling up His sleeves and smiling at me. My prayer whispered back through my laughter as I rolled up my sleeves, “My lamp is filled.”

The Woes have been Whoa-ed and Spring has sprung.


TABERNACLING 2021: Lenten Faith Saturday

  1. Itchy.
  2. Scratching night.
  3. Swollen red face.
  4. Ugly bump above eye.

When it comes to my aging eyes, I don’t wait any longer. I drive to the clinic associated with my specialist and 6 prednisone, 1 med for the itch, 2-hour waterplay at the gym, and my eyes are barely staying open. 

I’d forgotten how my body reacts to meds.

So – I picked up a soda to keep me awake on the drive home, walked the lab girl around the house a couple of times as I threw the ball, sorted mail, grabbed some more water to drink, and promptly fall asleep for 3 hours.

Faith in the process let me close my eyes and rest in the knowledge that I would probably wake up without those little poison ivy bumps that had driven me sleepless for the past 3 nights.

The next day, the one after Preparation Day, the chief priests and Pharisees assembled before Pilate. “Sir,” they said, “we remember that while He was alive that deceiver said, ‘After three days I will rise again.’ So, give the order that the tomb be secured until the third day. Otherwise, His disciples may come and steal Him away and tell the people He has risen from the dead. And this last deception would be worse than the first.”

 “You have a guard,” Pilate said. “Go, make the tomb as secure as you know how.”  So, they went and secured the tomb by sealing the stone and posting the guard.”

Matthew 27:62-68

There is little said about the Sabbath, the day we consider Holy Saturday, after the crucifixion.  Afterall, it was the Sabbath, and His People were commanded to rest.   

  • Questions.
  • Rumors abounding.
  • Temporary hiding places.
  • Tears, disbelief, lost dreams.  

The Garden – Eden and Gethsemane – moment came for each of them on Saturday. I tend to need that same kind of 24 hours after a traumatic event occurs in my life.  A broken blood covenant…the death of a loved one…the appearance of sin in those I love, and I am curled into a fetal position.  The tissue box on one side, the Bible white-knuckled clutched, and a comfort item on the other side. Weeping, gulping prayers into the dark hours of the night. 

Is that how it felt for them on this day 2000 years ago?  I often wonder.

After almost 70 years on Terra outside of His perfect Garden, I tend to think it must have been. They had watched their Rabbi Yeshua for 3 and a half years.  They knew scripture.  They knew His words.  As the tears subsided, and they caught their breaths, did they speak promises back and forth?  Did they seek their data memory banks of Isaiah and the prophets?  Did they sing the promises of Psalms?

Seeking the “Rock Higher Than’ is always the hardest Faith Lesson in the dark of the night. Yet, they had watched him cry over Lazarus.  They had sensed His deep struggle in Gethsemane even if they had slept through it.  They watched from afar His suffering – or for a few chosen – up close and personal – as the sinless Passover Lamb was mutilated into the ugliness of our sins.    

So, when my world is broken and I really don’t feel like opening the WORD in my own heart…I try to remember what they did on Holy Saturday when their world was broken and light seem extinquished…their dreams shattered…their bridegroom taken from them to be laid in a dark tomb.

And when they did…when I do..

…oh yes…when I do… when they did…

…we find that…

…RESURRECTION JOY comes in the morning and He draweth night once again.

artwork by Yongsung Kim

Tabernacling 2021: Sun and Shield

The sun has been shining bright the past couple of days over this part of the world.  The daffodils are already open in some places (mine are still in the bud stage).  The birds are going crazy in their mating dances outside my windows, catching the corner of my eye even when I’m a good distance from the windows (it’s even better when I’m sitting on the patio swing and they begin dive-bombing me from all sides). 

The sun is like that, right?

Warmth. Light.  Soak deep into all of God’s creation.  Spring is that renewal time when anything seems possible.  The deep darkness of winter is drifting into the recesses of the long term memory banks, and the light permeates its rejuvenating warmth deep inside those places that had been locked away for a period of time  –  as if  –  no good thing has been withheld from all creation.

“For the LORD is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly. O LORD of hosts, blessed is the one who trusts in you.”

Psalm 84:11-12

Between dive-bombing birds and love-struck squirrels playing on the portico above my head, I have needed a shield to sit outside.  I watch my choc lab girl rolling in the wet dirt and sunning herself in between the times she is trying to keep all them critters away from her precious ball. 

Preparing for teaching each week is also a shield of sorts.  It is the shield of something that I have surrounded myself with for many years.  The routine of prayers as I think about what the Father wants me to share with those He has placed in my sphere filters out everything except what He is whispering or nudging me to discover.

Anyway this week, as I was digging through the dark closet’s overhead shelf, looking for some of my old photo essays that I could share with the 7th graders, I pulled a file down, and things started to fall. Arms and hands immediately covered my head, not sure what else was falling. The sunlight from the window across the room caught a few of the words as they fluttered to the floor. It was the missing part of a chapter that I had been looking for since the beginning of February.

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow;

Praise Him all creatures here below;

Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host;

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Thomas Ken, “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow”
Public Domain

If I could still dance without my arthritis haunting me for days, I would have been dancing much like I did when I was little, dressed in my mom’s old lace curtains. I threw down my shield of arms and picked up the pages as the rays of light highlighted the words I had been seeking. Then, like the crazy ol’ lady I am, I hugged my lab girl until she almost fell off the chair (yes – I let my baby sleep on her recliner). 

It was then I remembered what I had read in my devotions this morning…Psalm 52: “…no good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly…”  

Tabernacling in 2021 during Lent brings many new shoots of wisdom.  His Son brought Light and Warmth to those around Him as He walked among us.  He continues to bring Light and Warmth to those who choose to enter His sphere. His love providing a shield to cover us when the darkness threatens to overwhelm us, and we begin to feel the new blooms of joy burst wide as we rejoice in His Son’s Light and Warmth.  #Hedrawethnigh

House of Maria Artwork

Tabernacling 2021: Devine Appointments

Appointments take up a lot of our daily agendas.  Go here.  Accomplish that.  Meet the deadline.  Accept the job.  And most time…even if we don’t realize it…they are all… “Devine Appointments”(even the ones we hate and dread).


1: an arrangement for a meeting: engagement. She has an appointment for an interview tomorrow.2: Equipment/Furnishings —usually plural. Some expensive homes   have luxurious appointments3: A nonelective office or position held. He was given an academic appointment4a: an act of appointing someone or something

Websters Dictionary

Nathan made a Devine Appointment to meet with King David. Chances are, David didn’t think much about it as Nathan, according to Jewish writings, was a “court nabi” (prophet). He was part of the circle of advisors King David depended upon during his time on the throne. But this appointment was one he probably would have avoided if he had known the contents beforehand. Guilt does that to us.

“Why then have you despised the command of the LORD by doing evil in His sight?”

2 Sam 12:9a

I used to wonder why in the world King David was in the Bible.  Truth be known, I wondered that about a lot of the men and women of the Bible. Why were their stories included? But as I continued to read and experience this journey we call life, I got a tiny bit wiser.  If King David did anything, he provided a perfect example of how we could love GOD with all our hearts and still fall flat on our faces.

Scripture tells us that every encounter between people we read about in the Bible were condensed down to highlight important points in Our Father’s wisdom. Wisdom that could save us a whole bunch of cuts and bruises if we’d just take time to study them a little more. Obviously, we could never carry a scroll big enough to cover every detail of every historical Devine Appointment.

Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

Jn 21:25

I’ve been pondering “Devine Appointment” since Friday.  I got a chore out of the way on Friday that I had dreaded.  I hadn’t done it by myself since the 70’s, so I’d been procrastinating and praying for about a month.  Yet, on Friday morning, I woke up, and the Father whispered, “Today”.  Having fallen flat on my face numerous times, I have learned not to argue with those whispers, and by the time this chore was completed, I knew it had been a Devine Appointment. When peace surrounds everything on my list, I know it is His appointment.  When the first devotional of the day confirms it in scripture, the doubts fly out the window, and there is unbelievable and peaceful joy in the place that once held dread and avoidance.

Create in me a clean heart, O God,

and renew a right spirit within me.

Cast me not away from Your presence;

take not Your Holy Spirit from me.

Ps 51:10-11

When Nathan appeared for his Devine Appointment with King David, I wonder if David felt the same way.  Everything he had dreaded and worried about was having a light shined upon it. I do know he was wise enough to recognize the Truth in Nathan’s words.  Of course, I’m pretty sure he already knew what he had done was evil in Yahweh’s eyes. He had grown up with the Torah commandments.  He understood how many of them he had broken.  Like us, he just tried to convince himself that Yahweh wouldn’t notice if he kept doing good things and avoided close contact going forward.

But Our Father is beyond righteous.  Even though we still may do all the things we did before we strayed into sin – go to church (in David’s case, tabernacle) – pray – show kindness and mercy – witness to others – ….. the I AM notices that our shining integrity has dimmed greatly.  He notices we hide our eyes in His presence.  He notices that we do not seek His face.  He notices our silence as we let others pray for us.  He notices because He knew before we started down this path what we would do every step of the way.

Tabernacling with the Father was something King David loved to do…after all, he created so many psalms proclaiming it.  He also recognized when Nathan spoke, that to enter fully into Yahweh’s Tabernacle that he would need to repent.  He also knew that while Yahweh is loving and full of mercy, He is also righteous.  There must always be consequences to our actions even when we are fully loved and forgiven.  When Nathan spoke from the Bema Seat, he spoke to brighten David’s light and add wisdom to his steps that he might choose not to sin in the future. 

Tabernacling in 2021 with Devine Appointments is much the same as it has been since King David’s time. We just have to recognize that we have Devine Appointments. We can choose to keep those appointments or ignore them, but those appointments are right in front of us – every day.

We can share the words Our Father has given us or we can receive the words He has given others for us. Maybe it is with the delivery driver you meet today.  Maybe it is with the kitty that you found living under your porch. Maybe it is the grocery store worker that cleans your cart. Maybe it the new job that you started.  Maybe it with the person sitting next to you as you wait for the bus.

Devine Appointments are blessings just waiting to happen…whether they are delivered from the Bema seat to us or if we are sharing the love of His Son with a stranger.  #Hedrawethnigh

Devine Appointments are blessings just waiting to happen…whether they are delivered from the Bema seat to us or if we are sharing the love of His Son with a stranger. All we have to do is keep our eyes open and pray that we are listening well. #Hedrawethnigh

Tabernacling 2021: Set…

“Oh, the old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be,
Ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be.
Oh, the old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be,
Many long years ago.”

Many distant moons ago, I sat on a school bus riding to various things – girl scout camp, football games, band or choir concerts – some nearby – some a little further.  A few moons later, I sat on bigger buses – buses with their own bathrooms – riding to concerts much further away. The fun part? If it was a choir bus, they were always full of music.  Music, not from a devise with paid performers booming out the words, but familiar songs…hymns, choral works, childhood ditties. As people fell asleep, the songs would become softer.  The voices fewer.  The harmonies richer as they blended and wove a warm comforter around all of us.

“Many long years ago, many long years ago.
The old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be,
Many long years ago.”

Things get “Set” in our lives in many different ways. Those bus rides set many things in place for me, and still manage to circle back as a surprise blessing for me every now and then.  Sometimes it was the whispered conversations after the singing ended.  Sometimes, it was just hearing the familiar harmonies in a different – perhaps – more freestyled wave. Sometimes, it was the pure joy of feeling the intangible holiness of tabernacling in song to the One who gave us such gifts.

“Oh, the old gray mare, she kicked on the whiffletree,
Kicked on the whiffletree, kicked on the whiffletree.
Oh, the old gray mare, she kicked on the whiffletree
Many long years ago.”

These days, I have to set my pace a little slower, the songs a little lower, and listen to harmonies that remain in my head when I sing. Treasure chest memories are like that.  They are set in a treasure chest for a reason.  Pull them out, and they shine as brightly as they did when they were packed away. 

As I pulled out so many gems today, I couldn’t help but be blessed to find more than I remembered.  Poppa-GOD is like that.  He multiplies them, shines them, and best of all – blesses them.  It reminds me that He set the stars in their places just as He has set each of us in our special places.  Our spheres roll around just as the celestial heavens circle around.  Circumstances, events, people enter our spheres in His precise timing for our growth, our benefit and His everlasting glory. 

The exciting thing?

The eternal treasure chest is beginning to open, and personally, I can’t wait to behold Him face-to-face.  #Hedrawethnigh

“When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him? Yet you have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor.” Ps 8:3-5
Many long years ago, many long years ago…

2021 REFLECTIONS: The Grand Life

I figured it out!!! 

The reason older people forget what they were going to do and get sidetracked (repeating this process over and over) is so that when they get up, they stay up for a while!!

What started out as a simple walk to retrieve that very important item (one that suddenly and completely disappeared out of brain because the cat bowl was empty or dog hair had gathered in the corners of the hallways or the dryer had stopped) – anywhoo – by the time the tottering steps reached the doorway of said room, the grandparent or senior citizen, hasn’t the foggiest idea of what it was they wanted to do in this room. Look at it this way, if they were young whippersnappers again, they’d just get up, do what they were thinking about, and plop their skinny butts back down in that comfy chair. 

Poppa-GOD is so good in even the tiniest things.  Quite an ingenious way for crazy elders to stay healthy and keep moving. It’s a “grand” life, right?

“Some trust in chariots, and some in horses;
But we will remember the name of the Lord our God.”
Ps 20:7

One of the best things of 2021 – so far – is that my youngest grandson has started texting me every night as he closes out his day. When raising the kidlets, bedtime was always my favorite time of the day.  Kneeling as a family – praying the LORD’s Prayer – listening to their individual prayers – reading books together – sitting on the steps and singing nighttime favorites as they fell asleep.  “One more song, Mom, pleeeeeassssse?”

Now night times become special again. My older Grands often text me at night occasionally, giving me peeks into their busy lives. Seeing God at work in their lives is beyond being a treasure chest memory. Needless to say, I love sitting in my comfy chair and seeing their name pop up on my phone. Whether it is their personal best in cross country or the new friend or the latest accomplishment or “How can I pray for you, Grandma?”, I ponder it in my heart and rejoice.

Grands give all of us a chance to look into heaven and see the joy that will surround us there. I think it is also Poppa-GOD’s way of reminding me, that despite the chaos that has already taken hold of 2021, His promises of a “Grand Life” for those who listen for His voice and say, “Hineni: Here am I” is still the rock on which I stand.

And there will be a highway called the Way of Holiness.

The unclean will not travel it—

only those who walk in the Way—

and fools will not stray onto it.

No lion will be there,

and no vicious beast will go up on it.

Such will not be found there,

but the redeemed will walk upon it.

So the redeemed of the LORD will return

and enter Zion with singing,

crowned with everlasting joy.

Gladness and joy will overtake them,

and sorrow and sighing will flee. Is 35:8-10

The Path by Akiane