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“Bless the four corners of this house, and be the lintel blessed; And bless the hearth and bless the board, And bless each place of rest, And bless each place of rest.”

Yesterday, we started moving our “junk” into the house. It was bittersweet. When I opened my eyes in the morning, I could feel the house considering us. It had been ripped apart, patched, and given an expensive beauty treatment and face-lift. Now it was pondering what would come next. Expectation circled as I pulled myself out of bed and made my way with dancing dogs to the feed bowls. (Yes, indeed, after saying my morning drowsy prayers, the dogs claim my first steps to their dog bowls and treats).

I could almost feel the house sigh with happiness.

My kids and hubby will tell you that our car rides were filled with fictional short stories about people, animals and/or random things we encountered along the way. I think it started with my mom and dad trying to find ways to entertain a squirmy 5 year old with no seat belt to hold her semi-still, on “long” trips to visit family on a Sunday afternoon. Sometimes it was as simple as, “I bet that tree is sorry that it lost a branch in that wind storm last night” – to stories that would last for miles as each of us added more details, emotions and personality to whatever had caught our fancy. So I guess you can see why I could “hear” the house sigh.

“And bless the door that opens wide To stranger, as to kin; And bless each crystal window pane, That lets the star light in, That lets the star light in.”

By the end of the day, I was too tired, sore and grumpy to do much of anything except fall into bed. I felt bad that I didn’t write on the second day of Lent. I felt bad that I didn’t get more done. I felt bad that it was so cold. I felt bad that every joint and muscle hurt. But – as I curled under the covers, the newly installed heat system kicked on and the house began to sing a lullaby.

This morning brought a more lazy awakening. Hubby had taken the dogs out for an early – very chilly – walk. There were no tongues licking my hands or dancing paws next to the bed. Just me, saying good morning to my Father and feeling warmth spreading around the room in welcome. Birds – a nuthatch, titmouse, sparrow, cardinal, blue-jay, woodpecker – darted in and around the bird feeder outside the bedroom window, and I smiled. A hint of whisper echoed in my ears as I sat up, “Love”.

“And bless the roof-tree over head, And every sturdy wall; The peace of Man, the peace of God, the peace of Love on all, The peace of Love on all.” Arthur Guiterman, 1871-1943/Van Denman, Thompson, 1890-1969 “United Methodist Hymnal” 1932 p 433

This afternoon, I sat down to the piano for the first time in over a month. I have missed it. Unfortunately, all my music is still packed away, and I don’t play by ear. However, El had a plan – as always. A book fell out of a box that I was moving. It was an old Methodist hymnal. Funny thing about God wink moments – nothing is a coincidence. The first page I opened the hymnal to was page 433. Hmmmmmmm…… Needless to say, the first song I played today was the hymn on page 433. smile emoticon

We are far from done. There is more junk still in the garage than is in the house. There are still many things that still need patching and re-newed. Hubby took a second big trailer of junk to the landfill. Together, we moved things. fussed at each other and fussed at each other again, and planned the master bathroom in more detail that we hoped to start soon. But underneath it all, we could hear the house say she understands and is happy just to have us here. This morning she wondered if she had become our home yet. Tonight I am telling her, “Yes, we have come to you, and you – imperfect as you are – we chose you to be our home.”

On this third day of Lent, I pick up another stone and place it in my bowl. Home. Home – here on earth. Home – in the arms of family. Home – to those that are entrusted to our sphere of care. Home – as imperfect as we are – in the heart of a Father who sent His Son – to choose to make His Home with us. Our house has become our Home —- our Temple.

“As for this temple you are building, if you follow my decrees, observe my laws and keep all my commands and obey them, I will fulfill through you the promise I gave to David your father. And I will live among the Israelites and will not abandon my people Israel”~1 Kgs 6:12–13

front housea


Jan 28 2016aWHOA!!



I am tired and weepy. Hubby is tired and grumpy which makes me more tired and weepy. We are – in no particular order – tired of lugging, juggling, adjusting – tired of being too hot, too cold or too out of sorts to care – tired of stepping over, around, under all things in our way – tired of not eating well and having to eat “out” – tired of delays because the first snow storm of the season just blew through and blew our time-tables to smithereens – tired of clinging furbabies who are way too uncomfortable to have any sense of home in this melee – – – just plain, no-other-way-to-say-it – – – – – – TIRED.

Praise the LORD, we still have a comfortable bed so we can start the new day – – – – – semi-tired.

Seriously, how did the pioneers ever find the gumption to keep on movin’ on? I truly think I would have looked at my hubby, rolled my eyes,and hiked my proverbial skirts up, gathered my dog, horse, goats or whatever and immediately started back to civilization. And how in the world Moshe ever kept the Israelites traveling in a desert for 40 years is beyond me. I probably would have been like most of the Jews of that day (in case you don’t know, according to Jewish tradition only one third of the Jewish nation left Egypt) and remained in slavery.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat— for he grants sleep to those he loves.”~Ps 127:1-2

Which just goes to show you – we miss the best part of our life journeys when we stay in our comfort zone. My hubby and I have become creatures of habit. Like our furbabies, we like the routines we have established for ourselves in these “golden” years. It has been easy. It has been too easy in too many ways. Just like the Jewish fore-bearers of our faith, we have chosen to became slaves to “things” and a way of life. Who says history doesn’t repeat itself or that the WORD is full of boring myths of little consequence?

“Praise be to the Lord, who has given rest to his people Israel just as he promised. Not one word has failed of all the good promises he gave through his servant Moses.”~1 Kg 8:56

That is probably what I love most about Our Father. He never wants us to stagnate. I have this crazy notion that “heaven” is not going to be just lying around and playing our perfectly tuned little harps ad nauseam. Just like I know He is still creating and teaching and parenting and loving and nudging us every day in this world.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not tired. I am. Then I come home and talk to the guys who are working on our house. Several of them are dealing with sick family members, broken vehicles, bills piling up, trying to find time to do their taxes so they can get a refund, working a hard job or two (ones I obviously don’t want or can do as well as they can) with their own versions of achy muscles and joints They are tired, too. They’re just on a different journey than me.

Almost a year ago, I began starting my day with a Jewish prayer in the morning. I’ve added Rabbi Yeshua’s 1st and 2nd commandments to that. Lately, He has been pointing out that I am not any where near perfect at observing those commandments in my life – especially loving my “neighbor”. This month in particular, He is working on me about this, so I’m trying harder. Asking for forgiveness more, Praying more when I’m out of my “comfort zone”. Trying to gather more wisdom for the journey that lies ahead. Somehow, G-d never wastes a chance to grant us more wisdom.

We have come a long way since we found this house in December. We are still tired and often grumpy and occasionally weepy. (Sometimes it is harder “to love jan 28 2016dyour neighbor” when they sleep in the same bed – sigh) But then there is a little night light that helps you navigate, with gritty, puffy eyes, to that space where there is something special (a stove and refrigerator sitting in your kitchen)- something created (a painted wall or tiled floor)- with a lot of planning (a bathroom sink and light) – with a little help from some friends – a clear space in the mess – and you smile. G-d has kept His promise once again.

“Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees. Make level paths for your feet, so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed.”~Heb 12:12-13

So as I rub my eyes and yawn my way through the same prayer with which I began my day, I know that those prayers will probably be interrupted by a snore before my head really sinks deeply into my pillow. I hope that your night will bring you a gentle rest as well. For the one who watches over all of us remains awake, watchful, loving and waiting.

Yeshua said to him, “Foxes have lairs and birds of the sky have shelters, but The Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.”~Matt 8:20

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