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While there are “blue skies up above”, and I’m thinkin’ that not quite “everyone’s in love” with the heat in NC, it has definitely been a lazy river type of day – especially as the sinus infection seems to slowly begin its meandering journey away from me. Storms never come in singularity for me. Some I talk about and some – I just don’t. Depends on what I hear the Captain speak to my fingers.

Spent most of the day just fidgeting. Making physical copies of Pop Kaufman and Daddy Mike for the Memorial Day display in our home – – Reading some more of Kline’s “Piece of the World” – – Brushing the lab girls as I try to keep some of their hair outside instead of inside clumps floating here – – War room time as I pray, copy Bible verses, and wonder for the umpteenth million time WHY? WHAT possible lesson am I missing in this trifecta of storms? You’d think at 68 it would be a little easier navigating this dinghy – –

When I came inside from trying to move a few plants and failing miserably (since it is too hot and I still just want to curl into a ball and sleep), a few of Mom and Dad’s favorite songs “just happened” to be playing on my list – “Up a Lazy River”, “It Had To Be You”, “Summertime”, “My Foolish Heart”, “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”, “Dancing Cheek-to-Cheek” and suddenly, I’m 4 or 5 again, watching from the sofa as they dance around the living room or listening at the top of a dark stairway for the signals that their stormy argument is almost over – – and somehow – – those signals always came as both of them would wander up the steep stair to tuck me back into bed and sing “Oh, You Beautiful Doll” until I fall asleep.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”~Matt 6:33

So today, I guess I’m still looking for signals of the storm’s passing, waiting for the melodies that always soar around me when I reach deep for that “peace that passeth all understanding” which always follow the storms’ path. I just have to keep taking baby steps forward. Listen for His voice. Stand on His WORD. And – positively KNOW that while He is just being quiet in my noisy boat, He has already charted the course and controls the winds and seas with His WORDS.

It’s funny.  I really love physical storms.  I love watching the dark clouds approach.  The way the thunder rumbles not only around the house but deep into my belly.  Oooooo – the smell of rain as it begins to hit the leaves far away, drawing closer and closer until it hits my nose. Not to mention – the wind that blows out all the staleness and dirt that clutters the air.  Lightening that crackles my soul with becomes a small light in the darkness.

All of it.  Powerful. Magical. Miraculous.

Daddy used to say it was just one of GOD’s ways of reminding all us who really is in charge of creation.  I still remember coming down a different set of stairs when a storm had awakened me, on July 4th 50 years ago.  Mom was still asleep in their bed , but Dad was standing by the window watching the storm of a lifetime hit our small town. He heard me and beckoned me forward to him.  We stood together, watching the lightening, listening to the thunder and rain while my earthly father shared his heart of wisdom with me.  Once again, He prayed with me and for me.  I miss that.

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”~Ps 90:12

So I am numbering my days. Seeking those signals that the storms of a lifetime are once again leaving my area. Excited to hear the new melodies that will enfold me in their warmth and dry my tears. For Our Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit are good…very good…at steering floundering dinghys – even ones with lots of holes in them.  Grace patches are amazing.  

All the time –

They are good.   


Normally, I LOVE storms – especially thunderstorms. The flash that hints at the clap to come. The rumble that leads to the boom. Pings against the roof and windows that says it is more than just rain out there. All of these things dig down into my soul and say, “God”.

Last night was a somewhat different. It didn’t just say ‘God’, it said, “GOD” – only in red, silver bold – double bold – CAPS! I think it shook the house from the inside out which is why it woke both me hubby. Not to mention that it sent the old dog scurrying out of her bed and off to the bathroom rug which I think she perceived as being much closer to her mom and dad’s bed.

She didn’t have the confidence to trust that all would be okay. Even if a tree fell on our roof (which is quite possible seeing as how trees are within two feet of our house on three sides), things would still be fine. Maybe, not easy, probably painful and at its worst – deadly – but still – in the end – fine because I have confidence in the One who created us and the promises He made.

Hubby got up to watch the storm from our front porch and feel the rain in his face. I lay back down to watch/listen as the storm – rather loudly and rollickly – lulled me back to sleep. It was a good night. A night to sleep in the expectation of a Living God who created a rainbow to light the way after the storm.

1942 Daily Ration: “Read: Philemon 4-21

” ‘Having confidence in Thy obedience I wrote unto Thee, knowing that thou wilt also do more than I say.’~Philemon 21

“It i said that before his most important battles Napoleon would retire to his tent and send for his generals one by one When they entered his tent they found him standing alone, dressed for battle. without saying a word he would grip their hand in his for one tense moment, then dismiss them. In that silence, each general in turn realized Napoleon’s great expectation of him.

“In this letter to Philemon, Paul appealed to the best and finest there was in his friend. He declared his confidence in Philemon, assured him that he saw elements of greatness in him, and intimated that this was the occasion for that greatness to assert itself. He lifted Philemon to greatness by expecting greatness of him.

“Jesus, likewise saw qualities in men which they did not know they possessed. Individuals found it almost impossible for them to disappoint him, not confidence in us, so much that he has given us wills in order that we might make our own choices. By giving us that freedom, God gave us the possibility to become great men and women- – -great in this sense of living up to God’s expectations of us. Jesus went to the cross to prove to us how high was God’s estimate of our worth. When we stop trying to live up to those expectations, we sin.

“Prayer: Our Father, we thank thee for thy great confidence in us. Grant that as children of thine we may not disappoint thee,, but rather try to live up to thy expectations through the strength thou dost supply. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Erecting Tents

Usually when I am writing these posts, the starting line pops in my head, and the words tumble over themselves trying to push the fingers even faster. Today is not one of those days. Part of it is me…part of it is…me. I just get in the way of my vision. I don’t see the direction. With that said – I am pushing through because that is what we do. When things don’t come easy, we push through. We cut through the brush. We clear a path. And we take another step forward. It is part of that “EVEN NOW” faith step that needs to happen when we: “don’t feel like it”…”are too tired”…”can’t think”…or just “want to veg”.

“Enlarge the place of your tent,” Is 54:2a

The preacher talked about persistence this week. Devotions continue to talk about persistence this week. Needless to say, some of my friends posted about being persistent today. SIGH…I told God that I got the point, but I think (as I am writing these words) that this is still part of that lesson. This is assessment time. How well did I absorb the lesson He has been presenting over the past week? How hard am I willing to work to enlarge my place so I can put up my tent?

This weekend my daughter’s family went camping. They actually put up an honest-to-goodness tent. I think the last time I actually slept in a tent was when I was crazy and in college. I remember trying to “clear” the ground. It seems like there was inevitably one stone I would miss which ended up poking me throughout the night. However, to minimize the pain, the girl scouts and dad taught me to gather cushiony pine needles or leaves to pad the hard ground prior to erecting the tent. (However, when camping in the desert that wasn’t real helpful.) Even so, there was always that sense of accomplishment to see the space emerge prior to putting up the tent. When you persevere and prepare, things generally work out well. The job gets done. The bounty is released to make life easier. The paper gets written. The promotion comes through. The syllabus for the year gets written. The dreams for retirement takes shape.

“…stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back,” Is 54:2b

A tent has its own smell that is different from every other smell in the world. When I was little, dad bought a WWII Marine hammock that hung in our backyard. I loved the smell of that tent and can still smell it as I write this. A mixture of tent, books and early morning/evening whispers of the day. The neat thing about this hammock was that it was screened in. A swinging room with natural light and air conditioning. I had books, pillows, dolls all piled in there with me – and if I remember correctly – a best friend or two. I don’t know how long we had it or how many days and night, I spent cuddled up in it…reading…thinking…praying. And when I opened the curtains wide, the sides were made of mesh. I could even lean up against it at night to see the stars and moon. When those curtains were wide open, they did not hold back my vision…my dreams…my goals. When I opened those curtains. those dreams could be seen more clearly, and the path was lighted to guide my steps

“…tighten your cords, and strengthen your stakes.” Is 54:3c

One of the hardest parts of camping is the unpredictability of weather/animals/buggies and/or the site itself. That is when we need our boldness of EVEN NOW faith. We check our cords. Are they strong enough to withstand a storm that may blow towards us? Are they secured with well-tied knots? As I thought about the cords this week, I began to see that prayers are my cords. They are the my lifeline that secure my tent to the “stakes”. “…strengthen your stakes…” The more I read God’s promises – the stronger my stakes become and the deeper they dig into the grounding of Our Father. Did you know that there are over 3000 promises (a conservative estimate) in the Bible (Mark Batterson, “The Circle Maker” p94) ? Praying on promises always gives me something to talk to God about in our conversations…now I just need to get better at listening.

I think I may be almost crazy enough to attempt a camping trip. I’m sucking in a deep breath of EVEN NOW faith and praying “LORD, do something unpredictable and uncontrollable”. Does this sound as scary to you as it does to me? BTW – any one have a WWII Marine hammock to sleep in so that I don’t have to sleep on the stones? Ok – I’m ready…I think…maybe…I’m such a work in progress…hammockjungle_hammock_600jungle-hammock a