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“Possible things are easy to believe. The Glorious Impossibles are what bring joy to our hearts, hope to our lives, songs to our lips.” ~Madeleine L’Engle

After a busy day of putzing here – canoodling there – and just getting a little bit done on each thing on my list, it is nice to just sit – turn off the big lights and sit in the beauty of the Christmas lights. letting the quiet of the night surround me.

We haven’t had a “tree” since our home burned in 2009. It was in September, so our house was still under construction that Christmas. I decorated the basement with a few lights, a tiny fake tree, some garland around the bookcases and windows, and “…it was good”.

Since then, we’ve just fallen into a new tradition. A couple of small “fake” trees (we’re talking 2 feet and under), garland around the windows, a few of nativities, some lighted villages, and the setting for Christmas is complete.

I do miss the smell of pine branches. I miss the brush of the needles through my fingers (since I was little, I’ve always loved running my fingers through the long needles of a white or scotch pine). Most of all, I miss the excitement that getting a “real” tree always seemed to bring with it.

And yet –

The period of Advent always brings that excitement – “real” tree or “fake” tree. Doesn’t matter. Suddenly, the impossibilities of what will come on Christmas Eve still grow in my heart with each day. The joy of watching my loved ones open presents still makes my heart smile. Singing the Christmas songs that I sang as a child and as an adult just curves my lips into this incredibly happy smile – even when the voice cracks or disappears entirely. Best of all, as I gaze at the baby in the manger, hope blooms wildly in my heart.

“Great and marvelous are your works,
O Lord God, the Almighty.
Just and true are your ways,
O King of the nations.
Who will not fear you, Lord,
and glorify your name?
For you alone are holy.
All nations will come and worship before you,
for your righteous deeds have been revealed.”~Rev 15:3-4

His Advent promises are just as true today as they were to Mary and Joseph. For centuries before he came the first time, people debated the prophecies, rolled their eyes, and turned their backs on them. Yet – Mary and Joseph – recognized truth of angels and prophecies in their hearts as “glorious impossible” coming true – not in to a rich family or a grand house surrounded by family – but……in a city far from home – – in a stable – – – with animals – – – -and the dust of the earth blown in their nostrils by the breath of a loving Abba.

A baby in the manger reminds us to continue to believe in those “glorious impossible” because a promise is a promise and a prophecy is truth – even if it doesn’t happen the way we think it might. The truth is – as Advent is here again and as I wait, I get that tingly excitement of hope building up inside of me, and I am jumping up and down, closing my eyes and whispering to My Father that “glorious impossible”:

“Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!”~Rev 22:20b       

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THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT (10 Days and Counting)

There is nothing better than starting your day in a chapel filled with a bunch of kids telling the Christmas story in song and verse. And – if the gathering in the cafeteria after chapel was any indication, every child had a couple family members there as well.

The Christmas Spirit is shining bright today.

So – tonight…the old Christmas movies are spinning in the DVD player. I’m laughing. Hubby is napping. Dogs are snoring. Temps climbing. Snow melting. Christmas lights twinkling. And…

The Christmas Spirit is shining even brighter tonight…

so strong…

…that I went rummaging among the Christmas books. Not the new glossy ones. Not the ones I read over and over to students and my own kidlets. Not the ones made into fancy movies. Not the thick ones. But the ones that whispered their words to me long before I could read very well as they sat in my lap with their beautiful pictures.

“The Littlest Angel”
“The Night Before Christmas”
“Jolly Old Santa Claus”
“The Christmas Story”
“Kitty’s Christmas”
“Small One”

Simple stories of the season that I still re-read every year. Artists that put the stories into pictures. Authors who heard the story in their hearts and didn’t ignore the urge to write. A Savior who ventured out of Heaven for the likes of you and me. A Savior who gave birth to the greatest story ever told.

The Christmas Spirit is shining everywhere, we just have to open our heart to see it.

“And so He was born, this gloriously impossible baby, in a stable in Bethlehem.”~Madeleine L’Engle, “The Glorious Impossible”

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