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Lenten Journal #18

WEEPING PUSSY WILLOWSpring has hit NC. The pussy willow is fuzzy and soft. Many of the trees are breaking out in flower or leaf. Purples, yellows and pinks are pushing up through the brown earth. There is something so special about watching nature wake up, stretch and open its eyes for the next few months. It is my favorite time of year and it seems like I’m always jumping from one foot to another waiting for it to get here. I may be impatient, but Our Father always knows the perfect time.

“…when the fullness of time came…” Gal 4:4

For centuries the vineyard had been growing. Some years were good years, and the fruit of the vineyard produced a marvelous crop of fruit. Other years the people who tended the vineyard lost their focus, and the vineyard withered of drought and disease. Over and over, caretakers rejected those who came and offered water and healing from the Source of Life. Until finally – in the fullness of time – the Source sent a part of Himself to the vineyard – bearing more water and healing blessings for the dying vineyard. Even so, many of the caretakers howled and drove the Blessed Bearer into the ground.

“From the LORD comes deliverance…” Ps 3:8

But this time, Blessed Bearer rose from the ground, sharing His water with all that would drink and gave healing blessings to all who would seek. Once again, new vineyards began to blossom in the deserts of the world. Some caretakers pulled the wax from their ears, removed their blinders, filled their buckets with water and called out:

“Deliver me, my God!” Ps 3:7

Lucky for all the vineyards of the world, “in the fullness of time”, the Blessed Bearer will return. Spring will erupt in all of its glory, water will flow through the deserts and …

“…everything is possible for one who believes.” Mk 9:23images